Bananas and Hair Spray tought me everything on inflation.

don't give up...Remember how my only real splurges were my 86 cent Union Station bananas? Well, they went up. And not by a little, but by a whopping 12%!

That’s right, instead of getting my usual dime and nickel back from the cashier (they never bothered breaking down the 14 cents), i was handed over 3 measly pennies yesterday :(

What a shame too. I was already sucking it up by blowing 86 cents every day, but 97 cents is pushing it. $hit, i spent like $1.47 on a whole bushel of them the other day at Safeway!

I know it’s all in the name of convenience, but my goodness that’s quite a jump. $1.00 for 1 banana? What’s next, $4.00 for a cup of joe? haha…actually, i forgot that’s another addiction of mine, but not one i have to pay for so it doesn’t count (work covers it. even the Bux!)

I’m sure our groceries have gone in up in price as well, but i never notice that. In fact, i really never notice any adjusted prices that aren’t slapping me in the face. Gas i notice. My all-time favorite hairspray in the world – Aqua Net, i notice…actually, that one i REALLY notice!

Not sure how many of you use that crap (i’m sure it’s super bad for your hair), but it used to be the cheapest stuff out there! You coud get a whole 14oz bottle for 99 cents, or even 87 cents on sale! That was the best bang for your buck, not to mention the most hardening stuff out there. I pick it up for about $2.50 nowadays, but it can cost you up to $4 at other places.

And that can’t be good for business. They’re gonnna make all our rocker-type hair styles go out of fashion! oh wait….

Come to think of it, there was this other type out there that ran $28+ over at CVS! Can’t remember the name of it, but i wonder how much that boy is running now…probably $35! But that’s enough about hair spray, you’re probably getting the impression that i’m a girl. which i’m not. come to think of it, i am REALLY glad this blog is anonymous now ;) I’ve just spent way too much of everyone’s time on hair products. I sincerely apologize for that.

The point of it all is (there’s gotta be a point, right?), is that inflation has has finally crept in and got me to realize that it does, in fact, affect everyone. Some may realize the costs in different areas than others, but it doesn’t discriminate – it takes all of our money. And that, my good friends, just sucks.

But we can’t do anything about it, except budget accordingly. So will i still eat my $1 bananas and spray myself with $3 product? I sure will. After all, that’s what American dreams are made of!

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