Are any of you hookers dressing up for Halloween?

kissing booth costumeAnyone come across some fun & cheap costume ideas? (and yeah, hooker is my new favorite word to call people….except those who actually ARE hookers. not sure what i call them.)

And don’t say you’re going as Sarah Palin or Obama as we all know there will be 1,000,00,00,000 + of those around this season. Unless you really LOOK like them – that would be just plain awesome!

If you need some fresh ideas, check out Broke Grad Student’s costumes for college students – lotsa great ones there. You can also find awesome ones by googling hilarious halloween costumes….it really amazes me the things people come up with! Some of them have to be literally insane.

As for myself, i think i may have to be lame yet again and go w/ my “Rock Star” fall back outfit. This comprises of a cool tee, ripped jeans, diamond bling, mascara eyeliner (i always forget which is which), black nail polish, and a mohawk. Luckily, i already wear all but 2 of these on a daily basis (i’ll let ya guess which), so it’ll be hella cheap! I have to save all those dollars for the drinks ;)

On a side note, does anyone know where, exactly, to find black nail polish? i found some! i’m fresh out, and i CVS doesn’t cover it…which surprised me at first, but then i realized that not many people actually wear black all that much…and all my Goth friends are not longer Goth anymore, so i’m outta ideas.

At any rate, holler back w/ the costume you’ll be rockin’! Or even those you WISH you were brave enough to where ;) I could use a good laugh before going out tonight… I might even award a prize. A cool, flashy, invisible thing-a-ma-bob! haha…Behave yourselves homies hookers.

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