Anti-Tax Tea Parties? Are we back in the 1700’s again?

Someone just told me there are 3,000 tea parties going on right now. I’m not sure if I believe that all the way, but I’ve certainly been reading about a whole bunch this morning! According to an article from FoxNews this morning, they’re sprouting up all over:

“Crowds of 5,000 to 10,000 are expected in various cities like New York, Atlanta and Sacramento, according to Mike Leahy, co-founder of Top Conservatives on Twitter, one of the three conservative groups helping to coordinate the protests on a national scale.”

Blogging from DC right now, I won’t be surprised if i came across some of these knuckleheads. I’m all about fair taxes and all, but I also know how important it is to pay them. So unless we time warp back to 1773, you’ll find me jammin’ on the sidelines to the “I Pay My Taxes” Rap ;)

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