5 Things I’ll be Blowing my Money on this Boy’s Weekend.

Boy's Weekend - New OrleansHello my Budgety friends! Today is the start of boy’s weekend in New Orleans and I can already feel the dollars burning a whole in my pockets ;) I’d like to tell you I’ll be saving them all and keeping a frugally low profile this weekend, but I already know it’s just not happening.

You see, some days I just let myself go and do whatever I wish w/out worrying about money for the time being. Kinda like that whole “convenience tax” idea where you pay a little extra for something cuz it’s quick and *there*, but you just let it slide and go about your way enjoying life as normal. And for some reason, it makes me feel all VIP like too! I’d never go crazy and pickup $200 jeans or $500 bottles of rum or anything like that, but I do let myself spend more freely during these weekends.

Here are 5 things I’ll be blowing money on:

  1. Checking in baggage – I know I’m a guy and should therefore be able to just throw things into a backpack or something, but I’m too “Metro” for that. I like to take way more than necessary so I have options. Plus, I hate lugging bags all around so I’ll happily pay that $15/each way.
  2. Airport food & coffee – My favorite part of traveling! Starbucks, donuts, pizza, all while waiting for our flight? Freakin’ love it. Don’t love the $50 price tag of course, but what happens on vacations stay on vacations ;)
  3. Taxis – If there’s one thing i hate dropping money on, it’s taxis. I will walk miles to get somewhere if it saves me a buck or two (and the weather is nice), but when you’re on vacay you have a limited amount of time. So if $12 means an extra hour of extended debauchery – I’m on it.
  4. Group Dinners – The key here being, “wherever the group wants to go”. When I plan them we go somewhere on the cheaper side, but we def. have some refined gentlemen amongst us at times. So if they want to chow down on $40 plates, then I shall follow suite and not say a peep.
  5. Souvenirs – I’m such a hag when it comes to magnets or even maps! I dream about having a room wallpapered in maps of all the places i’ve visited over the years. Love it.

And because there are things I WILL be saving on, I should probably list out those here as well. After all, this is a frugalicious blog :) Here are 3 quickies we will save money on:

  1. Alcohol – Probably the one consistent thing we all like to save money on! Pounding Miller Lights before we hit the bar scene. Not only does this sharpen our card playing skills, but it also allows for proper “bonding” and saves us a butt load by the time we hit the bars!
  2. Hotel Room – We would cram 10 guys into a room if we could get away with it. Enough said.
  3. Daytime Adventures – This usually consists of exploring around town and chatting about the good ol’ college days. We rarely go see something specific like a play or an exhibit of some sort, so we save a lot of money by just walking around and goofing off.

Needless to say, we’re gonna have a helluva good time :) And hopefully we’ll have some juicy stories to come back with too! I heard something about giving away bead necklaces? Wonder what that’s about… (Don’t worry Mrs. Budgetsaresexy, I shall keep my promise on that non-nudity clause I signed.) Look for me on TwitPic!

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