5 For Friday: What would you do with…

Let’s do another 5 For Friday, shall we?  Haven’t done one of those in a while… I feel like I still need to get to know you a little more ;)  Soon enough we’ll be besties!

Today’s theme is “What would you do with _____.”  And to play along, all you have to do is answer these 5 questions (honestly, and from the heart!) and place ’em right there in the comments below.  Or you can blog about them and totally win extra points with me – only there’s no $500 this time ;) Sound good?  Okay, here we go… (if you said no, then click here instead).

What would you do with…

  1. An extra $1,000?  You have until the end of the day to spend it.
  2. An extra hour today?  You magically get 1 more hour than anyone else, and you can “activate” it at any point you want (like while you’re awake, asleep, or perhaps in the middle of making out ;))
  3. Mad charming skills?  Like, you have an entire day to use them on anyone you want ;)  Your friends, family, store clerks, credit card companies (haha), anyone!
  4. A termination letter in your hand? Like if someone fired you right now?
  5. A whole afternoon with your favorite celebrity or role model? Could be a musician, author, sports star, politician (hah!), anyone in the world you want who’s alive. You can do anything you want at all… at ALL ;)

Oh boy… I think I may have made these a bit harder than normal, haha… here goes, though:

  1. Extra $1,000 — The first thing that goes through my mind right  now is “SHOPPING SPREE!!”  and honestly, if given the option right this second, I’d take it ;)  I haven’t been shopping-shopping in a good 6-12 months, and the idea of spending free money on all sorts of awesome clothes and shoes and clothes and more shoes is incredibly exciting.  The more conservative me would use it to pay down the mortgage, but that guy’s gone for the day :)
  2. An Extra hour today — Even easier: a computer and cell phone-free hour with the Mrs.!  I’ve been m.i.a. for weeks now both at home, and all across the country, so having a good solid hour w/ her would probably be the smartest thing I could do right now ;)  In fact, I should probably schedule that in anyways, huh?  Friday date night?
  3. Mad charming skills — Hmm… I’d also pick the Mrs. for this too! Haha… I’m probably not leaving the house, or making any financial calls at any point today (unless United Airlines wants to pick another fight?) so I’d be sure to harness these skills to make the most of my extra free hour I’m gonna get as well ;)
  4. Termination letter — If that were possible, and I were to actually fire myself (you never know?), then I’d be one sadddddddd ass person.  And I’d literally cry all day long until I dehydrated myself and wanted to die.  At which point, someone would knock some sense into me and I’d brush myself off and start a brand new project from scratch the very next morning.  Though I’ll surely miss you guys! :(
  5. Celebrity afternoon — Dangggg, I could pick so many!  And if the Mrs wasn’t reading, it could get dirty fast! haha…. just kidding…sorta…. haha, no for real, that’s bad.  It would be a tie between hangin’ with David Duchovny (the Californication version, NOT X-files), or Warren Buffett.  W/ Duchovny, I’d just tag along and see what kinda trouble we’d get into over the day, and w/ Buffett I’d make him teach me Bridge while at the same time picking his brain about money and investing.  They’re pretty much complete opposites, but I’m strangely allured by both.  Maybe there’s someone with both qualities?

Ready to go yourself?  Let ’em rip!  Remember, the more honest the better.  The whole point here is to let yourself go from the week’s nonsense and relieve a little stress :) So say it loud and proud, amigo!

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  1. Melissa September 16, 2011 at 8:07 AM

    1. An extra $1000? Well, since my rent isn’t due until the end of the month, I think the obvious answer is to spend it! The weather’s getting colder and I could use some new clothes, and gadgets and…whatever!
    2. An extra hour? Oh man, I would sleep. That’s it. No question.
    3. Mad charming skills? I don’t even know! Convince my landlord to give me a break in my rent? Seriously. I’m stumped. Possibly I would use them to woo Ryan Gosling.
    4. A termination letter? I’d cry.
    5. An afternoon with your favourite celebrity?? “Oh, hello Ryan Gosling. Why yes, we ARE both from the same hometown. Must be soul mates. What’s that? You want to get married. Well, alright…”

  2. Mercedes September 16, 2011 at 8:45 AM

    1. An extra $1,000? I think I’d buy all the stuff I need to finish my bathroom properly. I’m saving money for the new vanity and toilet right now, but $1000 could buy me some nicer looking stuff!
    2. An extra hour today? I’d be boring and use it for sleeping. I’ve been sleep deprived lately.
    3. Mad charming skills? If it could get me the car I’m looking at for the few thousand dollars short I am for the MSRP, I’d run to the dealership in a heartbeat!
    4. A termination letter in your hand? Start looking for a new job, duh! Luckily I’ve got a 6 mo emergency fund, so I’d have some time.
    5. A whole afternoon with your favorite celebrity or role model? Would it be odd if I said I didn’t have a fave celebrity or a role model? If I could pick one person and be transported to wherever they are, it’d be my sister. Haven’t seen here in a few years and would love to spend the afternoon with her.

    this was a tough 5 for Friday!

  3. Molly September 16, 2011 at 8:46 AM

    BS- have you been reading Cosmo lately? Just had to ask!

    1. An extra $1,000? Dumpling, my daughter says- her lunch cards (got that kid is really in survival mode)
    2. An extra hour today? My family is giving me boring ideas, I vote for making out and since I’m typing this I WIN!
    3. Mad charming skills? Mike says an appointment with a venture capitalist with 500m to burn and his pipe dream is sounding real good.
    4. A termination letter in your hand? Deja vu! Happened last Friday!! More time for blogging :-?
    5. A whole afternoon with your favorite celebrity or role model? I say Barbara Streisand; Pistol, my other kid, says Taylor Lott (the girl’s got taste!)

  4. Mrs. Pancakes September 16, 2011 at 9:05 AM

    Just found your blog…love it! i will be coming back!

  5. Jessica O. September 16, 2011 at 9:12 AM

    An extra $1,000? I’d put it towards my student loan. I’ve got a little under 3k left so it would make a huge dent in that balance!

    An extra hour today? An extra hour?! The work day goes by slow enough without an extra hour in there! I guess I’d add it to sleep time tonight.

    Mad charming skills? My husband. I really want some help painting the living room and he always manages to talk me out of it!

    A termination letter in your hand? Like if someone fired you right now? I’d go to the nearest restaurants and bars and apply for a bartender position (or two) to hold me over until I found another job in my field.

    A whole afternoon with your favorite celebrity or role model? I think it would be weird to hang out with a total stranger, celebrity or not. I’d probably hang out with my Papa Spike.

  6. Eunice September 16, 2011 at 9:27 AM

    Extra $1,000? I would buy some furniture! I moved into my apartment 2 months ago and still do not have bedroom furniture! =/

    An Extra Hour Today? I would spend it getting ahead on my school work so I can have the extra hour tommorow normally spent on that to spend on my fiancee.. heyyy ;)

    Mad Charming Skills? My fianceeeeeee!

    A termination letter? CRY and CRY and CRY

    A whole afternoon with your favorite celebrity or role model? I would totally hang out with Michelle Obama.. so classy and I would love a personal tour of the White House!

  7. Henry September 16, 2011 at 10:17 AM

    I’d use the $1000 to hop a flight somewhere tropical (now that I don’t have a job), have Zooey Deschanel meet me there, charm her into marriage, and then use that extra hour.

  8. Paula @ AffordAnything.org September 16, 2011 at 10:20 AM

    #1: An extra $1,000? Put it in my Solo 401(k). Sexy, huh?

    #2: An extra hour today? Yoga!

    #3: Mad charming skills? Convince a producer at CNN or OWN to let me host my own television show.

    #4: A termination letter in your hand? Um, I’m self-employed, so I’d be confused. I’d have to fire myself. And if I did that, I guess I’d need a job — refer to #3.

    #5: A whole afternoon with your favorite celebrity or role model? Yeah, you’re right, J.Money — this could get dirty fast! Let’s keep it PG for the kids!

  9. Emily September 16, 2011 at 10:23 AM

    Extra $1000? – I have a baby shower I’m going to this weekend, so I could probably call up her hubby and find out what the ULTIMATE BABY GIFT would be and surprise the mommy with it on Sunday. Then I would call up my friends who are getting married next month and ask them what the ULTIMATE WEDDING GIFT would be. Then IF there is some left over I’m going shopping for myself. :)

    Extra hour?- Honestly, and this is going to sound lame, I would probably sleep. I’m coming down with a cold and all I want to do is sleep ALL DAY.

    Mad charming skills? – Whoever is in charge of my student loans! Maybe I could charm them to bring down the price a bit… or just have them magically disappear. That would be nice. And I have in mind a certain someone that I’ve met recently that I would probably want to charm…;)

    A termination letter? – Wow. I would have A LOT of mixed emotions. I think initially I would be TERRIFIED because I have NO IDEA what I would do next. Then I would be REALLY SAD cause I would miss the youth at my church I work at A LOT and I would hate to have to break the news that I”m leaving to them. Then I would be kinda happy because it would give me an excuse to move back up to Chicago. And then I would change my mind about the $1,000 thing and decide to use that as my first few months rent for my new apartment in Chicago… cause cost of living is A LOT more expensive up there than it is in Missouri.

    A whole afternoon with my favorite celebrity or role model? – That one is hard!!!!! Right now it would be a toss up between JK Rowling and Anne Rice. I would LOVE to pick their brains about writing, stories, characters, and life. They both fascinate me and I it would be so amazing to have them look over my stories and writing and get feedback from them. And simply to hear their thoughts on life in general… just… sigh… so cool. So yeah, just spend the afternoon having coffee (or hanging out in JK Rowling’s CASTLE!) chatting. I would die happy.

  10. Well Heeled Blog September 16, 2011 at 10:43 AM

    Can I just answer one? :) I would love to have an extra hour a day… if only just to feel like I’m am magically living 1/24 longer than I would be every. single. day. Imagine the possibilities! (I’d probably use it to sleep… or tango).

  11. J. Money September 16, 2011 at 10:46 AM

    @Melissa – Hahahah… I bet that entire scene of yours plays out in the same setting as The Notebook too, huh? :)
    @Mercedes – Awwww, your sister is a great answer!! I wish she was reading this! :)
    @Molly – Wowww, you got fired last week? You’re so chipper though! I love it :) And obviously hope you find something that makes you even happier than before. Dang. Funny about your kids and husband and making out, haha… great answers ;)
    @Mrs. Pancakes – Woo! Thanks!
    @Jessica O. – Awww, good good answer there at the end. I think I need to learn from your husband too on the charming my way out of house chores ;)
    @Eunice – Congrats on being engaged!! Incredible part of your life to soak in!
    @Henry – Best. Answer. Yet. Haha… thata boy ;) (and sorry to hear about lack of job – findning any good leads so far?)
    @Paula @ AffordAnything.org – Ooooh and what kind of tv show would you have? Maybe I’ll join you and make a guest appearance? :)
    @Emily – Interesting! Freakin’ love these questions cuz we really do get to learn all about y’all :) I’d love to check out her casle too!
    @Well Heeled Blog – Haha… so get your heart pumped up or completely relaxed? Love it :) And love seeing you here too!

  12. leslie September 16, 2011 at 10:50 AM

    #1: An extra $1,000? Plane ticket to Portland, OR; the rest in savings.

    #2: An extra hour today? An extra hour to read at home

    #3: Mad charming skills? I would call someone I know is unavailable to hang out but would still charm the crap out of them on the phone so they think about me for the rest of the night. Also, would talk to everyone I see (in lines, subway, etc) without worrying about feeling awkward.

    #4: A termination letter in your hand? Worried & relieved. Would immediately revamp my resume and write up a business plan for my idea.

    #5: A whole afternoon with your favorite celebrity or role model? Dave Grohl. I would just sit and stare at him for six hours straight.

  13. Leslie September 16, 2011 at 11:23 AM

    1. An extra $1,000? First I’d buy a whole bunch of new jeans. Both pairs of mine recently developed bad knee holes within the same month, but I’ve been holding out getting new ones. I usually buy the expensive Express jeans because they fit amazingly well and last much longer than any other pairs I’ve tried, but they are like $75 each.. After that I’d go out to dinner. And finally I’d take the last $700 or so and dump it on our debt.

    2. An extra hour today? Go for a LONG walk with Ryan. Normally we walk about an hour a day (about 4 miles) and I’d extend it to go further. Maybe walk to Lake Ontario again.

    3. Mad charming skills? I’d wait until Oct. 1st to use this one. I’m going to be in a competition, and I’d use it on the judges. That doesn’t count as cheating, right? :)

    4. A termination letter in your hand? We could survive, but our debt repayment plan would be slowed, big time. I’d immediately do what you did, J$ and amp up “home businesses” big time. It’s a goal of mine, and we’re working on getting there anyway, it would just move the timeline forward a bit. Luckily, I’m 100% secure for at least 1 more year. (that’s when grant money MIGHT run out, if its not renewed in Oct.)

    5. A whole afternoon with your favorite celebrity or role model? Jim Rohn is dead, but I’d have to pick him. For someone living… Buzz Aldrin.

  14. Amanda September 16, 2011 at 11:50 AM

    1. An extra $1,000? I’ve been on this kick recently of selling off tons of my unused stuff in order to start adding to the pot of money for a down payment on a condo I am planning on buying in a few months. I’d probably take $100 to just have fun with (going to two baseball games this weekend, no one wants to be strict with money when trying to have fun!!) and put the other $900 into savings. You have to give yourself a little every once in a while!

    2. An extra hour today? Ride my horse. I spend so much money on keeping my horse that it’s disappointing when I only get to ride once or twice a week. That horse needs to earn its keep!!

    3. Mad charming skills? I’d call all of the company’s that I have my credit cards through and negotiate for lower interest rates and possibly a balance increase just to increase my total credit balance (a bit lower than I’d like). I’d also go look at condos to buy today so that I can convince the real estate agents to give me a break! Arlington is expensive!!

    4. A termination letter in your hand? I’d be upset at first, but generally things happen for a reason so I’d probably apply to law school or something in order to better my chances of doing something that I love!

    5. A whole afternoon with your favorite celebrity or role model? Hugh Jackman – that man is gorgeous and super nice in person (met him once on Broadway!). If I had a whole afternoon with him, I’d just hang out, stare at his beautiful face all day and listen to his beautiful accent while talking about Australia (my favorite place!!).

  15. Kelsey @ Zero to One Million Challenge September 16, 2011 at 12:04 PM

    I should really start doing things like this — I love seeing all of the responses you get!

    An extra $1,000? Throw it straight towards my credit card/student loan. Looking at balance is really starting to annoy me lately — the negative ones at least. Lucky for me, I actually have an extra $1,000 coming to me in December in the form of a finder’s fee, and that’s exactly what I intend on doing with it.

    An extra hour today? It’s a toss up between taking a nap and trying to work on my blog. I have so many unfinished posts that I’d like to publish and haven’t had a chance to, but sleep sounds really tempting right now.

    Mad charming skills? About to jump into the process of refinancing my car loan from 5.49%, down to about 3.5%, but I’d definitely love a lower rate if I could charm it out of someone!

    A termination letter in your hand? I really don’t know what I would do. I’m getting back into a place that I’m in a better financial situation, but I suppose I would have to liquidate investments. Not that this is where the majority of my emergency fund should be, but that’s probably where the money would come from if I needed it right this second.

    A whole afternoon with your favorite celebrity or role model? This is the hard question! I don’t even know who my favorite celebrity or role model IS! Maybe J. Money. He seems pretty cool. =]

  16. Kathy September 16, 2011 at 12:10 PM

    1. An extra $1,000? I’d go online today and order ALL of my Christmas gifts and anthing leftover, I’d buy supplies for my crafts.

    2. An extra hour today? I’d definitely take a nap!

    3. Mad charming skills? I’d talk my boss into giving me another week of paid vacation

    4. A termination letter in your hand? too terrified to even think of this

    5. A whole afternoon with your favorite celebrity or role model? When you’re younger, it’s really true that you don’t really appreciate family stories. Or, you don’t take the time to sit down and talk to your grandparents. Now that I’m older & they’ve all died, I would really love to listen to any or all of my grandparents talk about their lives.

  17. Kelsey September 16, 2011 at 12:11 PM

    1 An extra $1,000? I would probably pay people to finish landscaping our gardens (I am doing it myself now)
    2. An extra hour today? I would make sure I’m all caught up with work so I could relax and watch TV for the rest of the day.
    3. Mad charming skills? Maybe I can convince my husband to go to Costa Rica for our honeymoon instead of the Bahamas :)
    4. A termination letter in your hand? Since I’m freelance, this technically isn’t possible, but I’d just keep on truckin!
    5. A whole afternoon with your favorite celebrity or role model? I would pick a woman who is both powerful and beautiful, like Jennifer Aniston, and learn as much as I can about having it all!

  18. retirebyforty September 16, 2011 at 12:28 PM

    1. extra $1,000? Probably just go into the saving account. Maybe take the Mrs. out for happy hrs. after work.
    2. extra hour – sleep. ZZzzzz… We are so sleep deprived, it’s not even funny.
    3. charming? haha, my yoga teacher? She’s cute, but I probably should save it for the Mrs.
    4. Woohoo! I’ll do a cartwheel and start collecting an unemployment check.
    5. ? I wouldn’t mind spending an afternoon with J$ and learn some mad blogging skills! Or maybe the Delia Llama to learn some peace.

  19. Nicole September 16, 2011 at 12:31 PM

    What would you do with…
    An extra $1,000? Go buy a King-Size bed for my new hubby and I (tied the knot on 9/10/11) — The queen size just isnt doing it for me!
    An extra hour today? Hmmm, I love me some sleep, that is for sure. But, since Friday is half-off Italian wines at my fave fancy restaurant here in Cleveland, I may make the extra hour into a HAPPY hour!
    Mad charming skills? I’m already pretty charming (cue the wink and twinkle in my smile!) I may want to use the skills to speak to my new father in law. He was NOT happy when he learned I did not want to change my last name.
    A termination letter in your hand? I would ask if it was because I was on J. Money’s blog! For real, I would cry, probably vomit, and hide in my house for weeks. I have been here at my job since I was 19, they paid for grad school, and have been incredible to me. I want to stay another 35 years! I would be since over it because I have an insane pension (yes they still exist to the lucky few), stock options and stock awards.
    A whole afternoon with your favorite celebrity or role model? EASY! I would totally party with Chelsea Handler. She is hilarious. Or play poker with Daniel Negreanu. Or, if I wasnt married, an afternoon of nude debauchery with Eddie Cibrian or Ben Affleck or Eminem or Edward Norton. Or, better yet….strip poker with Daniel Negreanu!

  20. kim September 16, 2011 at 12:49 PM

    1. $1000 – I’d buy food (see number 4)
    2. I’d sleep that extra hour. Don’t we all need a little extra sleep?
    3. I’d charm my boss into letting me work from home!
    4. Ooops! Guess number 3 didn’t work out so well.
    5. Celebrity! Dave Ramsey. I don’t get to hear him on the radio anymore and need some debt reducing mojo.

  21. Dana J. September 16, 2011 at 12:54 PM

    An extra $1,000 – I’d go buy Christmas and Birthday presents for everyone on my list for the next two years. I’d get to have fun shopping and it’ll save me money down the road. Double whammy!
    An extra hour – Don’t really have a use for an extra hour. I get 24 a day, which is more than enough for me!
    Mad Charming Skills – With my mad charming skills, I’d convince my boss to give me a mad raise!
    Termination Letter – Well, I could finally use my emergency fund for something. I’d probably just laugh it off and start looking for something new!
    Afternoon with a Celebrity – I’d spend the afternoon with the Dalai Lama. Just sitting around talking and laughing, about nothing in particular!

  22. Sarah L September 16, 2011 at 12:54 PM

    I haven’t participated in one of these in so long! Here we go :)

    1. I would give away about half of it. And then I would buy some new fall wardrobe pieces with the rest!
    2. Spend it hanging out with my friends. I work too much.
    3. OMG. I need that for interviews! Maybe for the job fair on campus in the winter.
    4. Be bummed and work a few more hours at my other job to help compensate for the loss of that paycheck.
    5. Hit on Taylor Lautner…no, but seriously, probably hang out with C.S. Lewis and discuss theology.

  23. Michelle September 16, 2011 at 1:39 PM

    First-timer here, but let’s give it a try.

    1. Extra $1,000: No brainer! I have two kids in college. That sucker is going in the college account before you can say “debit card.”

    2. Extra Hour: This makes me sound like such a nerd, but I’d spend it cleaning out my home office, which still looks like a kids+mom home office, although the kids are off at college. It’s time to get down to business.

    3. Mad Charming Skills: I can see this is not an original thought, but I’d totally sit down with a hiring decision-maker at my dream job and wow them. I mean, who among us wouldn’t want a dream job? And isn’t all that’s keeping that from happening being in the right place, in front of the right person with exactly the right things to say? Done.

    4. Termination Letter: That bad boy has been hanging over my head for years. I’m in a contracting industry. I’d grab that severance package and run for it. The last termination letter, 20-some years ago, promted a life change I’ve never regretted. Sometimes a termination is really a gift. (Right, thank-you Pollyanna!)

    5. Afternoon with a Celebrity: I had to think about this one, and oddly, the name that came to mind was Oprah, not because I’m a fan, I’ve never seen her show. But that woman is a force of nature, she has made an incredible impact and she clearly loves what she does. That, my friends, is my big life … right out there waiting. So yep, I’d go all Oprah for an afternoon. And I’d be takin’ some big-time notes.

  24. Bryan at Pinch that Penny! September 16, 2011 at 1:50 PM

    I only ever saw the first season of Californication, but I loved it. After that, Netflix wasn’t giving it to me on demand (it’s like Netflix and I were an old married couple, or something), so I didn’t get further. Still, I’m very interested in seeing the rest.

    “You named your dog Cat Stevens?”

  25. sandra September 16, 2011 at 1:55 PM

    I’d better put these ideas down now – they keep changing…
    Extra 1K? Make the appointment to have the dead/dying humungous tree next to the house removed. I’m going to have to do this soon, but without the 1K now, I’m just hoping another Canadian snowstorm doesn’t cause it to fall on the house.

    Extra hour – sleep, perchance to dream

    Mad charming skills – The bank holding my mortgage would be my target. Even though my rate is reasonably low, I’d try for 0%, or a lump sum reduction…

    Termination letter – Assuming I could hold myself together, I’d be calling an HR lawyer about dismissal laws. Otherwise, I’d be noisily collecting my 2 dozen pair of work shoes and leaving.

    Afternoon with a celeb? I really don’t know. Perhaps David Suzuki.

  26. graduate.living September 16, 2011 at 2:11 PM

    Extra $1,000: Student loans! I’m transferring money around to make a payment today actually.
    Extra hour: School work… alternately, see question four.
    Mad charming skillz: Would this potentially work on a waiter to get a free meal at a restaurant? I could totally go for some awesome Mexican food tonight…
    Termination Letter: I assume for me this would be getting kicked out of my academic program, so I’d be totally bummed. I’d also amend my use of the earlier extra hour and use that to job hunt.
    Afternoon with a celebrity: President and First Lady Obama. I love Michelle Obama’s fashion sense, so I’d want to hit up a nearby J.Crew with her, and then grab a couple beers with them. They seem like they’d be cool people to have a beer with. =)

  27. Jen @ Master the Art of Saving September 16, 2011 at 3:22 PM

    1. An extra $1,000-
    – put $100 in my Roth IRA
    – put $300 towards the Evil Credit Card
    – put $100 in Operation SUV
    – spend $200 on those sexy “Halloween costumes”
    – spend $50 on Xbox points
    – use the rest to get more RAM

    2. An extra hour today- give my honey an awesome massage, it’s been a while and he’d love it. Maybe I’ll do it anyways—between watching Star Wars on blu-ray since it comes out today. :-) I know, I’m dorkalicious

    3. Mad charming skills- Are you suggesting I don’t already possess these?

    4. A termination letter in your hand- Can’t get fired when you don’t have a job. :-) Although, if somebody told me I couldn’t blog anymore, I’d probably party today and then sulk tomorrow…and the next day…and then forever. Blogging is too much fun to not do it—even with all the other stuff you gotta do besides the actual writing (that’s the easy part).

    5. A whole afternoon with your favorite celebrity or role model- Jason Statham (the transporter guy) and I can’t say because it’s very inappropriate and my husband would get jealous. ;-)

  28. Jenna, Adaptu Community Manager September 16, 2011 at 3:38 PM

    1. An extra $1,000? Donate 10%, get my season ski pass and upgrade my kegarator.
    2. An extra hour today? Sleep. Apparently your body needs it…
    3. Mad charming skills? Get a date…
    4. A termination letter in your hand? Go to Cambodia.
    5. A whole afternoon with your favorite celebrity or role model? Coffee shop and pick their brain apart and then do something crazy fun.

  29. Danielle Liss September 16, 2011 at 3:49 PM

    1.An extra $1,000? I would immediately call CCCS and increase my payment for next month so that I would be even closer to paying off my last credit card and making the ultimate credit card snuff film. (Oh yeah, there is a Dexter theme. But Dexter’s coming to Vegas.)

    2.An extra hour today? I am going to lose an hour traveling today for a conference, so I think this would make me even. Regardless, I want to read or sleep. Things I don’t get to do enough of.

    3.Mad charming skills? Upgrade on today’s flight and hotel check-in

    4.A termination letter in your hand? Work full-time on my business and my memoir

    5.A whole afternoon with your favorite celebrity or role model? Today, I need more time with an awesome chick who wears glasses, so I’d like to hang out with Tina Fey and talk about living near Philly in our youth and how she gets paid to be really funny and I just sit in an office surrounded by unicorns.

  30. kody @ financial money tips September 16, 2011 at 6:50 PM

    1. An extra 1000 dollars? At this point in time i would invest the entire thing into my website :)
    2. An extra hour today? I would spend that time hanging out with family. I don’t have too much time on my hands lately, so that extra hour would be amazing.
    3. Charming skills? i would charm everyone i see, hoping to put a smile on their face.
    4. Termination Letter? IF that would happen i would work harder on the things i love.
    5. Celebrity? I would easily hang out with carrie underwood and use my charming skills to seduce her ;)

  31. KSUE September 16, 2011 at 7:41 PM

    1. An extra 1000 dollars? I would book a trip to Disneyland for me and my kids.
    2. An extra hour today? A walk on the beach would be great.
    3. Charming skills? I would charm someone to invest money and marketing skills into my art and writing.
    4. Termination Letter? I would probably cry, and then look for a new job fast.
    5. Afternoon with a celebrity? I’d hangout with Roseanne on her macadamia nut farm, or have lunch with Jeff Probst (from Survivor).

  32. Cherleen @ My Personal Finance Journey September 16, 2011 at 10:30 PM

    1. An extra $1000? Time to get a new laptop!
    2. An extra hour? Sleep. Period.
    3. Mad charming skills? Ask the barista on my favorite coffee shop to give me a free cup of coffee, charged on his salary. LOL.
    4. A termination letter? Cry my heart out.
    5. An afternoon with your favorite celebrity? Hang out with Anne Hathaway or Daniel Radcliffe and get an update on their career and personal lives.

  33. LB September 17, 2011 at 12:55 AM

    1)Remodel my bathroom with a shopping spree at Ikea
    2) sleep. 10 months of 2 to 5 hours of sleep EVERY night takes a toll.
    3)Get my husband a raise, get a dream job for me, get good deals on everything I would want and could afford for the day.
    4) Did I mention I am unemployed again? So pretty much just take one day at a time.
    5)Pick the brains of some top financial people and some top executives. But if I got a hall pass I would totally do Pierce Brosnan.

  34. jaded September 17, 2011 at 1:04 AM

    1. Extra $1,000 — Either a special edition Coach bag or a new business suit. With loads of alterations :)
    2. An Extra hour today — Sounds boring, but I think I’d use it to hit the gym Today was so packed I did lots of work, no fun.
    3. Mad charming skills — I’d get some extra flirting in at one of the new bars in the neighborhood.
    4. Termination letter — I’d be sad, I like my coworkers. Then I’d respond to the flurry of recruiters hitting me up on linkedin.
    5..Celebrity afternoon — Hmm. Since I am in a tennis mood, I’d want to hand out with Serena Williams. And get fitness and business tips. :D

  35. L.G. September 17, 2011 at 8:15 PM

    1. An extra $1,000? I’d buy a new wool peacoat, some uggs and some jeans, some tops, and dresses.
    2. An extra hour today? I would’ve gone to yoga.
    3. Mad charming skills? I’d charm my professors into giving me As without actually doing the work! :D
    4. A termination letter in your hand? Like if someone fired you right now? That would be weird if someone fired me, cause I don’t have job, so I’d probably just look at them like they had 10 heads.
    5. A whole afternoon with your favorite celebrity or role model? Wes Welker, that guy is AMAZING! I would work out with him (he’d do way better) to figure out how he came back from an ACL/MCL tear with only missing 1 post season game! I just LOVE Wes Welker (I may also use number 3 on him!)

  36. Crystal September 18, 2011 at 11:56 PM

    Extra $1,000? Buy the futon for my home office and finish off the new wardrobes for me and Mr. BFS since we lost a lot of weight and don’t have many outfits yet.

    An Extra Hour Today? I liked that extra hour of making out you mentioned…

    Mad Charming Skills? My blogging advertiser business until my hubby gets home and then it would all be at hime along with that extra hour above.

    A termination letter? Just one of my clients? I’d want to know why but honestly, I could blow it off it wasn’t my fault.

    A whole afternoon with your favorite celebrity or role model? Sandra Bullock or Geena Davis. I think they are both too awesome.

  37. J. Money September 19, 2011 at 1:26 PM

    Great answers everyone!! Y’all brought out some crazy old celebrities too, I love it :)

    @leslie – Oooooh a new business venture of yours? I wanna hear!!! If you ever want to bounce around ideas, or need help w/ anything, let me know :) I love brainstorming ways to make projects come true (I do it every other day with some people)
    @Leslie – Love that walking idea!! You’re lucky you have a partner who likes to do those — my wife hates walking unless we’re going somewhere specific and it’s only a few blocks away, haha… it’s a good thing I’m fine going by myself! ;)
    @Amanda – Haha, that Hugh sure does leave a good impression on girls! I don’t see it with him, but I do see it on the usuals (Clooney, Pitt, etc). Regardless though, you shall get your wish one day ;) And I hear ya on your charming ideas, though you can probably call all those c/c companies up at anytime and get them to lower it or at least consider it pretty easily. Talking to a manager increases your odds every time :)
    @Kelsey @ Zero to One Million Challenge – Haha… I’d hang out with ya :) We can have fun drinking coffee and working on all your blog stuff. One day! (and also – you should totally do a question/answer post like this on your site – you really do get to know your readers!)
    @Kathy – Awww, yeah – I agree about the grandparents :( I wish I had taken advantage of their lives and stories/knowledge/love growing up too! Great answer.
    @Kelsey – Wow, all you need is an hour to get caught up with work? Lucky bastard! haha…
    @retirebyforty – Haha… I like how I’m right in there w/ the Dalai Lama. But you’re right, I’d totally spill all my blogging secrets to ya ;)
    @Nicole – Hahhahhaa a woman who knows her poker!!!! I love it :) That might be the best answer yet, haha… hilarious. And congrats on the wedding!
    @kim – I like it! You should enter my Financial Peace Giveaway then today to get your fill of Dave Ramsey :)
    @Dana J. – Wowwww, the first person to NOT need an extra hour! I’m impressed! :)
    @Sarah L – Haha, welcome back to the 5 For Friday club :)
    @Michelle – GREAT 1st time participating! Love the answers – esp the home ofice one, that’s key :) gotta have your work space all fit and clear so your thoughts can flow easier! I’m working on my new office too over here — moved from our upstairs 2nd bedroom to our furnished basement… now I have a whole blogger cave! woo!
    @Bryan at Pinch that Penny! – Haha, yeah you’re missing out! Though I just admit the first season was the best… it starts getting pretty dark as the seasons go by – I’m a bigger fan of the happy/crazy/weird stuff than the “everything’s going to hell” parts. We’ll see what the next season brings tho. Hope you and Netflix make up so you can watch it ;)
    @sandra – Haha, you have 2 dozen pairs of shoes at work? now That is funny, haha… and awesome. Maybe during your next snowstorm the tree will be blown into the street and the gov’t will have to haul it away? :)
    @graduate.living – Yeah they do! I’d be ecstatic to share beers with them as well.
    @Jen @ Master the Art of Saving – Haha, the writing part of blogging is the hardest for me! I love doing all the other stuff cuz I don’t have to *think* that much ;)
    @Jenna, Adaptu Community Manager – Kegarator! YES!
    @Danielle Liss – Haha… Tina Fey is pretty cool. I wanna read that memoir when it’s out, too ;)
    @kody @ financial money tips – She’s a cutie huh? Got mad stage presence compared to Idol too – she’s def. doing her thing.
    @KSUE – Roseanne? Barr? Haha… didn’t see that one coming :)
    @Cherleen @ My Personal Finance Journey – Oh yeah, I bet Anne Hathaway is totally chill in real life. Seems so nice!
    @LB – Oh man, we gotta get you another job! What are you looking to do this next round? I can keep my eyes open for stuff as it comes up :)
    @jaded – There you go! Serene seems crazy smart too – maybe you could get the tips while you play together? Would be like me and Buffett playing Bridge :)
    @L.G. – Nice! Although he’s playing for the wrong team ya know? I’d be more impressed if he were on my Redskins ;)
    @Crystal – Geena Davis! Forgot about her. Yeah, I bet she’s super sweet. Nice one :)