4 Thoughtful (but Frugal) Ways to Celebrate Mom

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You haven’t forgotten about dear old mom for Mother’s Day have you? You know it’s this Sunday, right?  If you have, consider this your slap on the head ;)  And believe me, I’ve already slapped myself a few times cuz I keep on forgetting too! Although it doesn’t help that the day before we’ll be celebrating the life of my Grandmother who recently passed away (She refuses to let us have a funeral for her – or to wear black (she was a feisty one!) – so we’ll be throwing a party in her honor instead ;) But that’s not the point of today’s post…)

Today we figure out ways to say “I Love You” to our mothers for bringing us into this world.  Even if she drives you crazy sometimes (mine doesn’t of course, it’s just what I hear from people….if you’re reading this mom, I love you!)

So yes,  you’ve got 3 more days to get it together and then it’s go time! And by this point it’s probably better to get creative than to pull of some last-minute (and pricey) gifts that may or may not be pretty tacky.  Here is a list of 4 tips I snagged from Coupon Craze because they were much cleverer than the ones I could come up with (although I’m pretty sure moms will ALWAYS like the ol’  Book Of Hugs and the hand-made coupons to clean the house and whatever else we came up with circa 3rd grade!) Here are their ideas:

  1. Bringing Back Breakfast-in-Bed: Hands down, the worst day to eat out is Mother’s Day – especially if it’s brunch. Avoid the lines and crowds, by playing Iron Chef at home with these delicious and free recipes from The Food Network.
  2. Say “Thanks for EVERYTHING” with Flowers: In lieu of a bouquet, give mom a potted bloom – it’s cheaper and will last longer than a week. Just swing by the gardening sections of Home Depot or Orchard’s Supply Hardware to see what’s in season.
  3. Summon Your Inner-Martha: You can’t go wrong with a little DIY creativity. Michael’s offers some great ideas for cards, jewelry and picture frames that moms will love no matter what.
  4. Try Something Sparkly: Jewelers often offer great deals around holidays geared towards the fairer sex – Mother’s Day is no exception. Check out this 20% off deal at Ice.com (a Coupon Craze exclusive) and this 10% discount on Mondera’s Mother’s Day collection.

What do you think?  Any of them worthy of trying out?  I’m thinking the potted bulbs may be the winning ticket in our household – that way I can say something cheezy like “you’ll now be reminded of how our love has blossomed over the years!” ;)  Or better yet, “Every time you see this mini xmas tree in the yard you’ll be reminded of me!” Haha..I love xmas trees.   Or I’ll just wuss out and get her a giftcard to Amazon… But I swear I’m gonna do my best to represent this year! And you?

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  1. J. Money May 7, 2010 at 8:30 PM

    Sorry we lost your comments today guys. Some jackal hacked my blog :(

    Thank you for all the great ideas and responses though! They were great…have a blessed weekend ;)

  2. Angie May 8, 2010 at 12:11 AM

    I don’t know if it’s too late for anyone who reads this, but Brighton is selling a “key to my heart” that is really beautiful. It is a silver key with a scrolled/jewelled heart instead of the basic head of the key. You can buy it for Kwikset or Schlage and have it cut at a hardware store to fit your door. It’s only $25 bucks, totally useful, and perfect for a mom like mine who has everything!

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