Win cash playing "Edmunds Savvy Shopper" sweepstakes! just came out with a fun little sweepstakes to win cash prizes – up to the grand prize of $3,500 cash towards a new car!

All it takes is a little car smarts (or in my case, a LOT of guesses and google researching) and you’re on your way.

It started on May 1st, and goes through to June 12th – so start entering!

You can also enter once a week, and by “enter” i mean “guess correctly”, and there will be a total of 6 weekly prizes + the end grand prize. Here’s the link: Edmunds Savvy Shopper sweeptakes

Oh, and a little hint: Most of the cars just rotate in and out….in case you get stuck ;) Thanks M80 for sending me an email on this, we’ll take any chance to win some easy money! Holler.

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