Want to keep more money? Obey the law!

Nothing I’m about to say will come as a shocker, but it needs to be said ;) And that’s because I’m getting dangerously close to a few of these! I know human nature will always play its part, but without reminders every now and then we tend to keep going until caught. So today, we tackle the law. And how staying on the right side of it will keep more money in our pockets.

Don’t park illegally. You’ll be faced with fines from $25 to $250 an occurrence! Or even worse, you’ll get towed. And that’s definitely no fun to work out – for both you and your wallet (especially if you live in a city like NYC or DC, bleh.) The Mrs. learned this the hard way the other month and she didn’t even have to go far. She parked in an emergency lane IN OUR NEIGHBORHOOD and was promptly handed a $250 ticket. She was pissed off to no end (she had parked there late at night because she didn’t want to walk far alone), but it sure did teach us a lesson!

Don’t Speed. Not only will you get slapped with fees, but it’s a one way ticket to higher insurance rates! That one speeding trip costs you years of extra premiums for nothing. I know we never *try* to get caught, but some of you test the limits a lot more than others and you know exactly who you are ;) The last speeding ticket I got (knock on wood) was 10 years ago and the only reason I remember it was because I never told my dad and yet he “somehow” found out! haha…Cops, insurance companies, parents – none of them like it.

Don’t Cheat The Government: Guess what? If you don’t pay our taxes you’ll be slammed with even more once you’re caught! And possibly jail time. You still locked up Mr. Snipes? Stay on top of it the best you can or hire someone to do it for you. It may cost a little more, but it’ll save you a lot more down the road.

Don’t Go To Jail: Not only does it suck, but you can’t earn any money in there. Or at least anything decent (I’ve been told you can earn a dollar or two a day doing chores?). That means all your debt & bills out in the real world will keep piling up awaiting your beautiful return.

And Lastly, Pay Your Bills on Time! It’s not illegal if you don’t, but it’s a surefire way to keep burning money for no good reason at all. Banks and credit cards LOVE people who pay late so they can legally jack up the fees & interest rates! And unfortunately the only person at fault here is you :( So please, don’t let them bend you over like that – stick with the game and pay attention.

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