Wachovia, Bank of America, & PNC are really that popular?

POOP! What about my USAA? According to all of the wedding checks we got from our friends and family, it only ranks in 5th place :( Turns out most of them prefer Wachovia, Bank of America, and PNC. Oh well, at least we got some extra $$$ to help start our married lives, right?!

This is decidedly a GOOD thing, as our wedding budget had finally burst at the seams, and it’s now time to clean it all up ;)

So, being the big dork that i am, i took some time to sort through all of our cash gifts and analyzed the bajesus out of ’em. It’s just sooo fun, i love it! Plus, what else do i have to do on Friday the 13th? haha… Chew on these fancy facts:

After counting it all up, we were given a total of about $6,000 $6,350!
– $700 of them were pure cashy cash
$5,300 $5,650 of them were old fashioned checks.

Here are how the amounts broke down:
– $1,000 was the biggest gift (holler)
– $40 was the smallest gift
– $138 was the average gift

And these are the banks the checks came from (most popular to least):
5 @ Wachovia Bank
5 @ Bank of America
4 5@ PNC Bank
3 @ Navy Federal Credit Union
2 3 @ USAA Federal Savings Bank (the best e-v-e-r!)
2 @ Citibank
1 2 @ Commerce Bank
1 @ Chase
1 @ BB&T
1 @ SunTrust
1 @ Hudson United Bank
1 @ Harleysville National Bank
1 @ Bank Fund Staff Federal Credit Union

Wasn’t that fun? No? Well you are just too cool aren’t ya ;) I certainly enjoyed breaking it all down – especially when it came to banking. There are so many options out there, i wonder what made them choose their specific one. I actually thought we’d have more “military” related banks than the 5 we did (USAA & Navy Federal), so that was interesting.

All i know is, as soon as these bad boys clear (i like to use that term “bad boys” don’t i?) we’re paying off each and every credit card, and throwing the rest in our House Savings! Bow chicka wa wa!

*Updated: 6-20-08

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