USAA Now shares 2nd place in our wedding Bank Battle!

That’s right, miraculously we’re STILL getting wedding checks sent our way :) I guess that “1 year to give a gift” rule is pretty common these days. Not that i really care one way or the other, i just find it pretty funny. This rule doesn’t apply to birthdays, graduation,or Christmas so why weddings?

I asked a couple friends but no luck, they all came back pretty much with “i dunno, it’s just the way it is”. Okay, so let’s just say that’s the deal. Why do it though? I mean, it takes a lot of time to make arrangements to go to the wedding, get a hotel (if needed), and schedule your family’s life around it cuz of the time it consumes, so the present part should be the easy part, right?

The only thing i can think of is that perhaps it just gets forgotten w/ all this other stuff going on. Or it’s just laziness :) I’ve never sent a late gift myself, but if i did it would totally come down to the lazy factor. But enough of this talk, my word vomit is going wayyyy off track now.

The reason for this post is to give an update on our newest check contenders in our Bank Battle! So here they are:

  • USAA moves up a notch to 2nd place with a $200’er (holler)
  • Commerce Bank brings in another $50.00
  • And PNC makes it a 3-way tie for first, w/ another respectable $100.00!

Ooh, and i almost forgot about the BEST gift ever! A $500 Savings Bond :) Similar to the others in my safe, it’s a “Patriot Bond” (EE) worth $250 at the present time, which will work it’s way up over the years. I love it! (For more info on bonds, check out the snazzy site.)

There’s just something about those little guys that bring absolute joy to my life. I think it’s the whole “you can watch me grow, but you can’t spend me!” thing. Fine by me, my other bonds will now have an extra friend to play with. No shame in that game!

So there you have it, our old cash gift total worked it’s way up from $6,000 to $6,350, and USAA is battling Navy Federal for the 2nd place title…will it end here? Only time, and laziness, will tell ;)

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