Things that go UP, & things that go DOWN when J travels.

HAPPY Friday the 13th! If you’re a superstitious one, you might enjoy this post. Turns out that while I was away, a LOT of horrible stuff happened, yet when I came back the world was happier! haha … check it out for yourself ;)

This is what happens when J goes away:

  • The stock market goes dooooooown, down, down.
  • Floods carry away homes in the midwest :(
  • And an elderly man gets hit by car, causing rage across the entire country!

And this is what happens when J comes back:

  • There’s piles of gifts and money on our tables. Sexy!
  • A doorman wins $5 million scratch off lottery, and keeps job :)
  • Obama wins the Democratic nominee! (sure this happened while away, but im counting it here. he he)

Is the world telling me somthing? haha … we’ll never know!

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