Spectacles, Testicles, Wallet and Watch

I’d like to share a few tips when driving around in cabs…A friend of mine lost his iPhone in a cab the other day and was going frantic. Not only was he on his way out of town for 3 weeks, but he’s currently unemployed and was dreading the idea of picking up a new one. As with most people, his cellphone is his lifeline – esp when away from home.

But guess what? The cabdriver/good samaritan found it in his back seat! Not only did he remember my friend for the nice conversation they had, but he made a point to tell his girlfriend (who met him to get it back) that he was an excellent tipper :) While it wasn’t the only reason he gave it back, the generous tip certainly stuck in his mind. So tip #1: Tip your cabbie well, especially if given good service.

Oddly enough, that same girlfriend had previously lost a wallet in a cab herself (different cab). AND, he too returned it with all id’s and bills intact. Besides tipping well herself, she was also sitting in the front seat – making it super easy for the cabbie to find it! This brings us to Tip #2: Sit up front whenever possible. Your stuff will be found much easier if you leave it behind.

Of course, you could also just NOT lose anything, but we all know life doesn’t work as nicely as that. Better to control those things you can, like tipping & sitting in the front seat :)

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