Sometimes splurging is okay to do – it really is!

I’m tired of my poor friend, the word “splurge”, getting so many negative reviews all the time – it’s really not fair. What’s so bad about giving in every now and then? We can’t be rock star savers all the time, it’s just not natural (plus it’s REALLY boring).

So, in honor of this magical word – I hereby proclaim today the – “It’s Okay to Splurge” day!

It’s not smart to go overboard with it, of course, but you know what? You sure as hell can do it responsibly, and that’s really the key here. Splurging can be VERY refreshing, and bring many a joys into your life ;) I mean, the definition itself is freakin’ sexy! has it right:

Splurge(splûrj) – (v) To indulge in an extravagant expense or luxury.

Ooh la la, sounds fun! “To indulge” in an “extravagant expense”. Man, just thinking about it gets me all riled up. haha … That doesn’t mean that you *have to* go blow money on something crazy, it just means that we take a few seconds to reflect on all of the positive effects of splurging:

  • You get to feel alive!
  • You get to do/buy/go somewhere new!
  • You get to do something you’re “not supposed to do” – always fun ;)

If there’s been something you’ve REALLY wanted, and think it’ll make you feel sexy, I say go get it! It doesn’t have to be today, or tomorrow, but you deserve to pick up something you’ve really been dying for. Just try and not go crazy overboard, ok? And if you need a limit, go with $200.

While I, for once, don’t have anything currently on my list to get, here are a handful of items i picked up last year – aka my personal “splurge year”. (i’ll count the wedding as the only item in ’08)

All of these items I wear/use literally every single day:

  • Diamond earings – It was about time to replace my cubic zirconias with REAL bling. While i picked them up on a Kohls 60% + 15% + $10 off extra special savings day, i am that much closer to being a baller for real ;) Holler!
    My watch – I wanted a pretty nice one for once, and one that also blings. This time i used a store on eBay and got the hook up with 1/2 off the listed price.
  • 62″ Tv – What better way to watch reality tv, eh? No need for a flat screen, totally high level for my use, so i got an old school looking “projection screen” type. You know, those bulkier ones that can fit in the corner? Thus, cutting off at LEAST $2k. Oh, and i also applied some giftcards towards it to really knock down the price.

Saving, investing, and budgeting is important for sure, BUT every now and then you have to treat yourself to something you’re really excited about – that’s what gets you through life baby!

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  1. Shelby December 26, 2011 at 1:12 PM

    Ha! I’m doing this today (Yup…know this is old lol)! I’m going out and buying a tablet! Woot!!!! Happy b-day btw!

  2. J. Money December 27, 2011 at 12:58 PM

    YAY!! Go for it!! We need to do it every now and then to keep us excited about everything :) Hope you enjoy your new toy!