Save $10 bucks and wash that sexy car of yours.

Money Hack #13456i89 – Start Spraying Away!
It’s seriously one of the easiest ways NOT to spend money – just like when you make your own card instead of buying it at Hallmark.

While it may not be the quickest way to save or earn a buck (wash out that dirty mind of yours), it def. does the trick! Will Smith does it so why not you?

Here are my TOP 10 reasons to wash your own car:

  1. Save Money! $7.00 to $15.00 depending on where you do it, and what you want done.
  2. Get cooled down – A great way to deal with this massive heat wave.
  3. Feel productive – when was the last time you did something yourself, instead of paying to have it done?
  4. Feel like a kid all over again – Unless you’re already a kid…but then you actually get PAID to do it ;)
  5. Show off your sexy bod – Throw on your bathing suit and flip flops, and spray away!
  6. Impress your other half! Hook up their car too and score mad points :)
  7. Impress your neighbor! Hook up a neighbor’s car while you’re on a roll – i swear you’ll be rewarded for this one.
  8. Kill 2 birds w/ 1 stone – Water the flowers, plants, bushes, lawn, etc too. Or how about washing away those cobwebs on the outside lamp post?
  9. Do it on your own time – Don’t have to worry about store hours, or long a$$ lines.
  10. Drive away looking hot and sexy! My personal favorite part – rolling down the windows, and pumping out Kanye West with the shiny paint, and rims blingin’!

So whatcha waiting for? Unless you’re at work reading this (as am i), it’s time to get outside and enjoy the summer. Come on, peer pressure!

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