Personal Finance Mags = The New Black.

i canz read 2?All the cool kids are doing it! Are you? Okay, well maybe not all the *cool* ones, but certainly the smart ones. it’s sorta like milk – the more you drink the healthier your bones get.

Except in this case, it’s your finances. And you don’t get caught with a stupid milk moustache (how come people never tell you when you’ve got one of these?)

But anyway, yeah so big props for already coming to this blog and wanting to learn more, but why not do yourself another solid and pick up a magazine as well? I know it’s hard to believe, but I really don’t know everything about personal finance (gasp!). Luckily though there are plenty of major professionals out there who really know their stuff. I’m actually pretty jealous of them to be honest, but then I always remember I can say things like a$-face, and hooker, and punctuate however i damn well please ;) Pros and cons I suppose.

Still, those kegs of knowledge need to be tapped. And a lot.
It sounds cheesy, but I swear every time I pick up one of these mags I learn something new – even if it’s small. They’ll repeat themselves over and over again like we have dementia, but it all helps to sink it in. Here are my top favs, in order of most exciting to least-exciting (although all are great):

  • Money Mag – ( Crazy simple to read and always refreshing.
  • Smart Money ( – Pretty decent, although a bit plain jane at times.
  • Fortune ( – More businessy, but awesomely fascinating articles
  • Kiplinger’s ( – Also good info, but harder for me to read.

You don’t have to read every single one, every single month (unless you have a 2 hour commute every day like me), but even just skimming them gives you great ideas. I tend to skip out on the in-depth stock reviews and go right for the personal stories or tips of the month. Then, if i’m researching a particular subject, or just plain bored, I’ll go back and read up on what I’ve missed.

Try picking one or two out from the bookstore and give ’em a shot. If you like ’em, subscribe. It’ll only run ya $15-$20 a year which is not to shabby for hookin’ you up with the dirty deets. Plus, chicks dig it. Carrying them around makes you look smart ;)

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