Our house likes to eat up our Dryers.

the richie rich dryerSo we are having some pretty bad luck w/ dryers lately. I don’t know what it is, but we’re now onto our THIRD one since we moved in last year! I know they don’t last forever, but man hook a brother up for at least an entire year, ya know?

Here’s a quick synopsis of our pain so far:

1st dryer – inherited when purchased house. seemed normal, until it started taking longer…and longer…and longer to dry. we replaced w/ sister’s dryer after she picked up brand new ones. (yay for free!)

Sister’s dryer – worked perfectly for a good 6 months or so. then all of a sudden started making this horribly awful screeching noise as it dried. it was so bad you could hear it on the 3rd floor! This is even w/ our doors closes and it being in our basement. i’m sure our neighbors love us.

And now we’re onto our 3rd dryer. This part could get me REAL fired up, so i’ll try and get through it quickly before i start slamming these keyboard keys….after many weeks of failed Craigslist searching, we decided to use our home warranty again and pay the $100 to have someone come out and fix it. I mean, it REALLY dries well, it’s just the awful noise that comes out of it.

We got the standard, “we’ll have someone out there between 4-7” and roll with it. And although the company they source out to looks pretty damn sketchy (took me 6 calls to get a live person, their voicemail isn’t set up, and their website is shoddy), they were willing to come out on a saturday!

Sooo…off we go:

  • we rush home after Mrs. Budgetsaresexy’s wedding shower, to hurry up and get it done, so we can go back and hang out with her nephews up from NC.
  • 4 rolls by – nothing.
  • 5 rolls by – nothing.
  • 5:30 we get a call! “we’re on our way, be there in 35-40 mins”. Not the best news, but at least they’ll be here shortly,and we can run back to have dinner w/ everyone.
  • 6 rolls by – nothing
  • 7 rolls by – nothing

This goes on, and on, and on…NOTHING! why the F do you call saying your’e on the way, and then NOT show up, NOT call back, and NOT answer your damn phone? I was fired up. I left them a calm, yet very stern message every hour on the dot until 10. And to this day? nothing.

I called back our home warranty people and asked for a new company, but they don’t do weekends or evening hours. we were stuck. And then, as if a flash of light appeared through the clouds and the Almighty one himself looked down upon us, we catch a HUGE break on Craigslist!

A perfectly working dryer for only $45! I call this one the “Richie Rich” dryer, as the place we picked it up last night was fairly richie rich, and the thing looks brand freakin’ new. Mrs. Richie Rich had just replaced her set with some new super duper futuristic ones, and couldn’t get herself to haul it way. Fine by me!

So now we have our third dryer in less than a year. And i swear, if this one doesn’t last at LEAST 6 months, i will consider washing everything by hand. i mean it, don’t tempt me! ….haha…nah, that’s a bit extreme. plus i’m too lazy :) but i WILL blog about it! so take that.

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