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A bunch of new money books have come out in our community recently, and I wanted to pass them along in case you find yourself in any of these particular situations…

And they all are indeed pretty particular! Which is great – you need to dig in deep sometimes and focus instead of being hit with “generalities” all the time. And these books cover everything from death to consumerism to the service industry to financial feminism and even stripping ;) Never know what you’re gonna get these days from us!

Here they are below – I hope they help.



The Life Changing Guide to Financial Freedom for Waitresses, Bartenders, Strippers, and All Other Service Industry Professionals

tipped book barbara sloan

This one comes from an up and comer in the space, Barbara Sloan, who I’ve had the pleasure of meeting in real life this year and thoroughly enjoyed hanging with her. She blogs/coaches over at, and here’s more about the book per her website and Amazon:


As I logged hundreds of hours of listening and reading, deep diving the world of personal finance, I kept coming across the same advice for corporate 9-5ers being doled out time and time again. Listeners or readers would write in, guests would come on, and the same information was recycled and the same jargon extensively used. I heard questions like how to ask for a raise, advice on talking to your HR rep about your 401k option, tips on how millennials should cut out their daily latte, and questions like how to ask your parents for help with your six figure student loans.

At no point did I see myself in any of the readers or listeners’ questions, at no point did the guests offer actionable advice for someone like me, someone who had a career in the service industry. At no point did a financial advisor ever give me their card and ask to sit down with me to discuss my investment strategy. Personal finance is personal, but in a space as large as this one, why wasn’t I seeing any persons like me? As people we connect to the stories of other, and we do better when we understand what is possible in the context of our own worlds.

Tipped, is my response to this void in the personal finance space – because your career is real, your money is real, and your future is real. Through real stories and service industry related analogies, Tipped will teach you how to:

  • Get started investing today—and actually understand the world of investing
  • Avoid industry specific pitfalls
  • Budget while on a fluctuating income
  • Develop creative ways to build an emergency fund
  • Take your financial temperature
  • Build your path to financial freedom

You can learn more/buy here: Tipped


“After the Death of Your Spouse”
Next Financial Steps for Surviving Spouses

after the death of your spouse

This book comes from Mike Piper over at the (incredibly helpful!) website, The Oblivious Investor, and was brought to my attention by a fellow reader, KT. Here’s what she sent me:

“Hey there! Hope you are great :) Have you seen Mike Piper/Oblivious Investor’s new book – After the Death of Your Spouse? It’s a really helpful, tactical guide for getting through all the estate stuff and seems like a great companion for a legacy binder – I feel like you posted about those at some point??? Anyway, morbid subject, but I thought you might find it interesting.”

Indeed I had, and indeed I agree! You knock out this book AND a legacy binder and you are straight 🔥🔥🔥. Not to mention the blessing in everyone’s life whenever you finally retire from Earth! Nothing could be more helpful during times of crisis, so if not now, at least put it on your radar to start working on later…

Here’s where you can find a few of these Legacy Binders:


And then here’s more about the book itself, via Mike’s website:

Many surviving spouses find themselves overwhelmed by all the administrative and financial to-do items that have to be handled in the months after their spouse’s death. There’s a lot to do, and they’re supposed to get it all done while grieving. And in many cases, the situation is made more difficult by the fact that the surviving spouse is not the one who regularly handled the household finances.

I wrote this book to walk people through it, in plain language. It’s the book I want my spouse to have, in case something happens to me.

You can learn more/purchase here: After the Death of Your Spouse


“Buyer Aware”
Harnessing Our Consumer Power for a Safe, Fair, and Transparent Marketplace

buyer beware new bookNow this one comes from Marta Tellado, president and CEO of Consumer Reports, which was brought to my attention by Rita R. Robison who was kind enough to ship me a copy! Bless her heart…

I asked her what she thought of it so far as I’m in the middle of three other books and don’t dare crack open a fourth yet!, and here’s what she responded with:


The book is fabulous, like I thought it would be. It’s also upsetting because the level of deceit and wrongdoing from corporations is staggering. The first section on the Big Four — Amazon, Google, Facebook, and Apple — is particularly disturbing. How much they control our data is deeply troubling.

In terms of what your FIRE readers might be interested in, Tellado gives information on how to protect yourself and your data. On the Financial Fairness chapter, your readers might be interested in hidden fees. They already know about avoiding payday loans, keeping up with student debt payments, and checking their credit report.

Then, there’s consumer action. Not normally in your wheelhouse, but, I’d argue, something your readers need to know more about and participate in. The book also has something I’ve never seen before: QR codes that take you to web pages. Amazing. Consumer Reports is such a large organization they can develop web materials based on her book.


And then here’s more about the book from Amazon:

You’ve been getting ripped off.

The rules that have protected consumers for decades are failing. Companies are spying on us. Many of the products we once trusted are dangerous and failing at alarming rates. Whether we are buying a crib, a small appliance, an iPhone app, or shopping for car insurance, it’s become harder than ever to know whether the choices we make in the marketplace are putting us at risk-either from physical harm or the abuse of our personal data by hackers or corporations.

This is intolerable. It’s wrong. And we don’t have to put up with it anymore. Marta L. Tellado, the president and CEO of Consumer Reports, has been an advocate for consumers for decades. In Buyer Aware, Tellado shows you the steps you can take to protect yourself from predatory business practices, and how to exert your inherent power as a consumer to spur politicians and businesses to clean up their act. Only then can we ensure that we have an economy that is fair, safe, and transparent for all, and puts consumers first.

You can learn more/pick up here: Buyer Aware


“Financial Feminist”
Overcome the Patriarchy’s Bullsh*t to Master Your Money and Build a Life You Love

financial feminist book

Lastly, we got Financial Feminism from Tori Dunlap who’s freakin’ EXPLODED on the scene these days and will probably not be slowing down anytime soon… (her company just crossed 7 figures in revenue – in one month!!). She’s a polarizing figure in our community, but ultimately is on a mission to help every last person on this earth get their $$$ right.

Here’s more about her book, which comes out on December 27th (but you can pre-order now):


Tori Dunlap was always good with money. As a kid, she watched her prudent parents balance their checkbook every month and learned to save for musical tickets by gathering pennies in an Altoids tin. But she quickly discovered that her experience with money was pretty unusual, especially among her female friends.

It wasn’t our fault. Investigating this financial literacy and wealth gap, Tori found that girls are significantly less likely to receive a holistic financial education; we’re taught to restrain our spending, while boys are taught about investing and rewarded for pursuing wealth. In adulthood, women are hounded by the unfounded stereotype of the frivolous spenders whose lattes are to blame for the wealth gap. And when something like, say, a global pandemic happens, we’re the first to have jobs cut and the last to re-enter the workforce. It’s no wonder money is a source of anxiety and a barrier to equality for so many of us.

But what if money didn’t mean restriction, and instead, choice? The ability to luxuriously travel, quit toxic jobs, donate to important organizations, retire early? The freedom to live the life you want, and change the world while you do it?

Tori founded Her First $100K to teach women to overcome the unique obstacles standing in the way of their financial freedom. In Financial Feminist, she distills the principles of her shame- and judgment-free approach to paying off debt, figuring out your value categories to spend mindfully, saving money without monk-like deprivation, and investing in order to spend your retirement tanning in Tulum.

Featuring journaling prompts, deep-dives into the invisible aspects of the financial landscape, and interviews with experts on everything money—from predatory credit card companies to the racial wealth gap and voting with your dollars—Financial Feminist is the ultimate guide to making your money work harder for you (rather than the other way around.)

You can learn more/pre-order it here: Financial Feminism


And there we have it! Four great, drastically different, books ready for your perusal if you shall deem them worthy ;) And the great thing is that any of these you pick up supports the community we love so much too! A double win!

‘Till next time…

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  1. Financial Fives November 17, 2022 at 12:38 PM

    Ohh a good list indeed J! I never thought about how so many FI books can cater to 9-5ers (401k, HSA, leave discussions), so Get Tipped should be a good read. Also want to know more about how we’ve been getting ripped off (not surprised) so I’ll place a hold on Buyer Aware!

    1. J. Money November 18, 2022 at 9:06 AM

      rock n’ roll!!

      that Tipped one will probably become more and more handy as time goes on too, with everyone getting into a mixture of side gigs vs the typical 9-5 from yesteryear… Barbara is also a very cool person to hang out with in real life!

  2. Rita November 18, 2022 at 8:31 PM

    I’m so glad you wrote about “Buyer Aware” like I told you that you should do ;)

    The other books look great, too. “Tipped?” I never thought about being a stripper for a side hustle. I should have tried it because my side hustles of selling pine cones (abundant in my yard) and toilet paper and paper towel rolls (abundant in my house) didn’t work out. I wasn’t able to sell them on Craig’s List and sending them through the mail is too time consuming while I’m finishing my book.

    “After the Death of Your Spouse” is a good reminder to get the basics for your end of life stuff done. My draft will has been sitting on my kitchen counter for two weeks. Time to review it and get it finalized.

    “Financial Feminist” looks great. I’ll be getting some copies for gifts. Too bad it won’t be ready for Christmas.

    Love your articles. I’m so glad you’re back to being “Sexy” again.

    1. J. Money November 21, 2022 at 5:02 PM

      I’m DYING over here on your pine cone and toilet paper hustles lololol…

      If you ever crack the code please come back and tell us 🤣 🤣

  3. Suzy November 28, 2022 at 12:08 AM

    Oh no! So sad that Mike Piper’s wife died! I didn’t know. I hope the book he wrote helped him heal.

    I’ve never heard of Tori Dunlap. Do you know her background? I’m always interested in reading books from people with finance backgrounds, not marketers. Hope she is legit!

    1. J. Money November 28, 2022 at 9:46 AM

      i’m not sure of her background really, other than she’s been in the blogging space for maybe a decade now and similar to me is super passionate about this stuff :) thought FYI i don’t personally have a background in finance at all myself 😱


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