I’ve been asked for money 3 times within 24 hours! wtf?

Do i have a sign on me saying, “i hate money”? I know i just wrote about how i’ll be donating $25 every month now, but it seems like people are coming out of the woodwork thinking i’m some sort of p.i.m.p. now. And to clarify, i’m not…yet ;)

But for the second morning in a row now, i have literally been stopped in my tracks and asked for money by two different homeless people. I’ve given crazy amounts in the past to them (like $10 even), but it really depends on my mood and the manner in which i get approached that determines the outcome. And these 2 possible phonies (i really don’t think they were homeless) were pretty freakin’ abrasive.

And then we have the 3rd time at the grocery store – Safeway to be exact. Now this is totally different than people coming off the street asking you for change, but it’s STILL someone asking for money. And even more important to remember, is that it has occured every single visit for the past 8-9 months now.

It usually goes something like this:

  • Cashier: “Hello! Would you like to help out the Children blah blah blah Cause by donating a $1.00 to your total?” (Pleeeeeease! i act like i don’t care, but i REALLY want you to say yes)
  • Me: “Yeah, sure” (whew, there’s like 5 people behind us listening to our answer! we HAVE to say yes, or God forbid we’re looked down upon, right? i mean, i live around all these people.)
  • Cashier: “Thanks, you’re awesome!” (YES, one more dollar to help me beat out all the others and win that extra bonus/time off/small tv)
  • Me: “I know.” haha… nah, i actually just smile in agreeance.

This repeats each weekly visit. Do you ever think like this? Like you HAVE to say yes because of everyone around you? haha….i’d say i give in about 3 out of the 4 times a month we go – all depending on my mood, which usually is pretty good because i’m about to go home and eat some awesome food i just purchased and then watch some Prison Break, House, Fringe, Entourage, you get the point ;)

Well, in all honesty i’m 0 for 3 during all of this. I’d like to say that i gave in at least once and helped someone out, but sadly i just got more irked as the day progressed. Isn’t that interesting though? Like, had they hit me up on wednesday or friday the odds would have been a good 80% better than i’d have given in to a majority of them!

Oh well, I’m still feeling pretty good about my new $25 donation budget, so it’s all good. I guarantee i’ll be asked at least 4 more times this week anways, so i could always make up for it if it really bothers me. Those f’ers ;)

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