Is it bad that i haven’t donated any money in like 5 months?

my winning lottery ticket!I just can’t freakin’ remember! At least i hope it’s that, and not that i just don’t care….cuz that would be pretty horrible. But i’m an overall nice guy, so i’m gonna bet on the memory loss ;)

So in an effort to stop feeling like a bad person, i am officially adding a new line item to my budget – a $25 donation allowance.

I know it’s not much, but i gotta start somewhere! As time goes on, or when i hit that mega millions, i plan on inching it up accordingly so it becomes a solid gesture. The last time i donated was back in April, and i think i over did it a bit because the idea of doing it again was blocked from my memory.

I had donated $25 a cple weeks before, and then $50 on the same day in a spirit of generousity. I think doing it all in one day though made me feel funny (is that weird?). Overall i was extremely pleased with though, and all 3 places were thankful for it – the Military Archdiocese, Idol Gives Back (don’t laugh), and – so I definitely want to get into the habit of continuously giving back.

I mean, even selfishly doing it helps the world out ya know? There isn’t one successful person out there i know that hasn’t generously given back to society. I’m not saying they did it for selfish reasons, but just that it sure as hell didn’t hurt. Good karma can go a long way.

So with all that in mind, I am spending my first planned $25 today on Tricia Belfonti’s online fundraiser for the Children’s Miracle Network! I have always enjoyed donating to the causes of friends and families first (and now bloggers!), so i’m excited to help support her cause :) Here’s a quick snippet from her sponsorship page:

“Almost 4 years ago two families had surgeries scheduled. They had the same cardiologist, the same surgeon. The surgery date was the same. One surgeon touched both of these little girl’s hearts on the same day: one after the other.We were introduced the same day by Dr. Felice Heller. A beautiful friendship was formed; a bond that will never be broken.”

So awesome!! This was an easy one to pick ;) I’m hoping that i’ll come across some more “local” ones like this as the months pass, so if you know of any yourself, or even have your own favorites, leave them in the comments so we can all have a chance to learn more about them – and hopefully make some contributions!

ps: my current budget doesn’t reflect this new addition to it just yet, but it’ll be revised pretty soon along with some other new stuff ;)

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