If a “Monopoly” movie came out, would we learn anything?

Thanks for reading my blog.Well we’re about to find out!!! That’s right, it’s time to get excited my frugal kings and queens ;)

According to many a websites out there, Ridley Scott (of “Gladiator” fame) will be producing it, and it’ll be all 3-D like…there’s been a lot of haters talking about it lately, but it’s at least worth a consideration.

Here’s a funny/hater clip from Cinematical.com over a year ago when the news first hit:

“I don’t doubt that Monopoly could be a movie, but I do wonder if it could be an entertaining one. Despite the fact that the game is the most popular board game in the world, it is also one of the most time-consuming, most unfinished (I’m guessing) and most boring (I’d much rather play Trivial Pursuit or Candy Land)”

Most boring? Surely you gest! I’ll give it to you that it’s 100% the most unfished, yes, but com on – BEST GAME EVER! Man, just the mere thought of playing again gets my juices flowing. haha…yup, i used to be one of “those” kids who spent all hours of the night trying to beat my fellow competitors timer after time. You can learn a lot from that game!

The WORST, though, was when you’d play for like 3 hours and then your friend (prob the guy who wrote that article above) would just give up and end the game. it’s like, hellooo!!! you can’t stop in the middle of the game! You just landed on my Park Place B*tch – pay up ;)

So yeah, in case you can’t tell i also get pretty competitive. I really can’t help it though, it’s in my nature. And ESP. if it has to do w/ money and/or getting more of it – that’s like mixing all sorts of pleasures together. The only thing i can think that’s better than that is being w/ a woman (the Mrs, that is – love you dear!) or possibly a Spring Break here and there. Man i miss playing that game….and spring breaks now that i brought that up ;) it’s been years since i’ve don both!

All that being said, i really don’t know if i’ll actually PAY to go watch it. Playing it is one thing (the BEST thing), but watching it could be pretty harsh. Now, throw in some allstars like Sasha Baron Cohen & Elisha Cuthbert, and i’ll line up to watch it ASAP.

But i swear, if Keanu Reeves is anywhere near it at all then you can forget it…i’ll wait for it to come out on Comcast On Demand ;) Shooooooooot.

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