I won the mega millions lottery!!! Well, a piece of it anyways ;)

my winning lottery ticket!And i’ll take that any day. I believe this marks the very first time i’ve ever won a non-scratch ticket before (i’m a sucker for those shiny things), and to think i got close to winning the Mega Millions!

Like many lottery players out there, i let the computer do the guessing for me. I figure if it’s meant to be, it will compute the perfect concoction of figures. It didn’t totally work this round, but it got pretty damn close! I *knew* the other day was gonna be different ;)

As you can see frome the picture (that’s my actual scanned ticket), i got 2 of the 5 regular numbers correct, AS WELL AS that magical “mega ball” number, thus tripling the amount i won! Niiiiece. And to think that i almost forgot to grab one…i had already changed into my sweats and t-shirt @ home, and it was nearing bed time when i remembered about my glorious plan. Something told me to just suck it up and drive the .8 miles to the beer store – aptly named “Beers and Cheers”, and the rest is history!

So now what? Well, in an effort to extend my joy i will be doing two things:

  1. As promised to AlwaysInStyle, i will be sharing half with her :) I told her in a comment the other day that i’d split my winnings with her just like in that “It Can Happen to You” movie. Sure i didn’t hit the big times (yet) but what’s fair is far – So congrats girl! And holler so i can paypal it over.
  2. And with the other $5, i bought 5 MORE tickets! haha…yeah i know it breaks the cardinal rule of stopping when you’re ahead, but my damn it’s just SO FUN! I mean, big rewards require big risks, right? I’m on a roll here and i’ll keep on going until i lose it all ;) It’ll be the best $1 i ever spent.

So that’s all i have for ya today. If you need me, i’ll be the one basking in all my glory here in DC. And don’t be surprised when you see my anonymous face holding that big a$$ check on tv! i do it all for you baby.

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