I just paid $4.02 for a Starbucks, and it tasted awesome!

starbucks loves meI am also a liar. It tasted just the same, except this time my wallet hurt. For the first time in a long while, i actually paid for it with my own dollars today! Imagine that ;) It sounds silly, but it really sucked.

As many of you know, our company is pretty bad a$$ and pays for our addictions through a refillable Starbucks gift card that we can all use FOR FREE! (to help boost productivity and company morale…and it works!)

So every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday we all get our specialty drinks on the company’s dime. Not a bad perk, right?!

Well today’s card was out of dollars, and so it was either wait for it be filled up, or continue along with our daily routine….i chose the latter, and am now $4 bucks lighter. And the suckiest part? Those f’ers didn’t hook me up with those sexy discounts like they usually do!!! Sure i used a credit card instead of a gift card to pay, but still – they know me pretty freakin’ well over there…but i digress.

All I can tell you is that shelling out my own hard earned money REALLY gets you to stop and think about a few things. Like the first being, Damn we’re f’ing lucky! How on earth did we, or I should really say I, convince our CEO to allow this? All i know is, time to stop complaining about things like bounced pay checks…unless it becomes a habit ;) Paying for this addiction myself gives me a better appreciation of this perk.

And secondly, Damn Starbucks is expensive! haha…I could have sworn i used to pay like $2 bucks for it back in the day. Although, i have started getting a latte instead of just straight coffee w/ hazelnut syrup in it. $4 bucks though??? W-O-W, they are good.

So yeah, today’s experience was a pretty good eye opener of a place where I could easily blow a good $100/month without even realizing it. Now if only i could convince my boss to start treating for lunch every day ;) Holler.

(For more info on the discounts and savings over at Starbucks, check out my declared love for them)

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