I just dropped $80 on art supplies

Update: I FINALLY finished it :)

I MEANT to only spend $30-ish dollars, but i get so caught up when i’m looking around and starting an art project. Every now and then an “image” of something i want to do pops into my head, and i have to do it right away before i forget. Or get lazy, which i often do ;)

In this case, it’s a blue/reddish painting on canvas that i’m envisioning. It just really sucks that there’s no way to put down EXACTLY how you see something in your mind down on paper. Sorta like when you have those awesome dreams, but you can’t ever physically “save” them anywhere (except in your brain).

If someone could please invent a Memory Camera, that would be great. thanks. Anyways, so now that I have this vision or whatever, i took a trip to Michaels to pick up some supplies.

Here is what i was SUPPOSED to get:

  1. large canvas
  2. paint brush
  3. 2 colors of paint

And this is what i ACTUALLY got:

  1. large canvas
  2. 11 brushes, all diff. shapes and sizes
  3. 3 colors of acrylic paint
  4. a “sample” box of 10+ colors of oil paint (returned)
  5. palate (returned)
  6. and a bottle of turpentine (will explain) (returned)

Dang, what am i thinking!!! Here’s what: Do i need acrylic or oil paints? Which will work better for what i need? What if i need to paint small strokes vs. large strokes? Do i even HAVE enough paint? Will i even get close to my vision? haha….needless to say, i just grabbed a bunch of stuff and will use as needed.

I asked a guy who “looked like he could paint” about the diff. between acrylic and oil, but it’s a bit more than i can handle at this point. So i’ll prob. end up returning the oil paints (yup!) and the turpentine (yup!) needed for cleaning up, and pocket back the $30 (so expensive!). I’m gonna try and paint using just acrylic if it works out right, so we’ll see what happens.

It just goes to show that if you’re not careful (or good at averting your eyes), you can spend a LOT more money than you mean to. On a side note, this money comes from my Fun Fund … so i’m allowed to use it anyway i want, no questions asked :)

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