I am taking Mrs. Budgetsaresexy’s last name. (holler)

Awww Yeah! I will now be going as “J. Money“, instead of “J. Savings” (You didn’t know that was her last name?) I figure I owe it to her since she’ll be taking my last name in the real world ;)

Actually, the REAL reason i’m changing it is because it just sounds a helluva lot cooler. I one time “found” this license plate back in college that said C. Money, and it always stuck with me. Plus, it doesn’t matter all that much right? I’m already anonymous! haha… And funny enough, it was actually a fellow blogger who had called me J. Money on a post by accident! So thank you, good sir.

I pretty much go as just “J” anyways, but thought i should give you the heads up. And don’t worry, my email (j at budgets are sexy dot com) will remain the same and all. Okay, that is it. Carry on.

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