How’s your 401(k) lookin’ upside your peers?

I heart my 401k.Do you think you’re in line w/ Joe the Plumber? Or how about that co-worker to your left? Well now’s the time to find out buster ;)

My boy Hank over at Own The Dollar found some pretty sweet graphs from the other day, and I just couldn’t hold it in. Y’all know I’m addicted to them 401(k)s!

And not only do these bad boys show the average amounts per age group, but it’s broken down by account balance, job tenure, & even asset allocation so you can closely hit your target niche. It would be better to see how it ranks among locations too, but I guess you can’t have everything all the time ;) Here’s a little on how it was compiled (via USNews):

“The numbers come from an analysis of 21.8 million participants in 56,232 employer-sponsored 401(k) plans done by the Employee Benefit Research Institute and the Investment Company Institute, as of the end of 2007.”

You can see all the age groups on the USNews site, but today I’ll just be showing the 20’s and the 30’s group since they’re the closest to me…in fact, this is my last year as a 20 y/o! Guess I’ll have to own up to the 30’s next year and face it like a man – bleh. So here’s what we got for the 20’s:

401(k) comparisons - 20's

So let’s see here. My salary range is @ $60k-$80k, my Job Tenure @ 5-10 years….YUP, sources say my $43k in 401k is rockin’ it! It doesn’t necessarily mean I’m a baller or anything (we all have our own situations going on and all), but it SURE does help in the motivation department :) Just gotta keep doing my thing and trying to stack those funds as best as possible.

Now, as your age increases (and your liver gets better from not as much partying! *tear*), naturally so should your 401k. Sooooooo, here’s where you should be at w/ the 30’s crowd:

401(k) comparisons - 30's

Looks like I’ll have to step it up next year, eh?!
Whew that’s quite a jump. Perhaps by then the economy will recover and start doubling my funds w/out me having to do anything ;) In the meantime, I better start pumping myself full of coffee and get back to my “real work” over here…this 401k sure ain’t gonna fill up on it’s own!

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