How To Beat The Collection Agencies!

Lil Miss budget
Fighting the collection agencies? My girl Kim (aka Little Miss Fortune) just put out a brilliant piece on how to settle and save BIG! $14,000 big in her case. And not only that, but she was just featured on a CNBC Segment to show how she did it :) As you can tell, I’m definitely impressed over here.

Here are a few of the tips she shares to help YOU beat the collection agencies:

  • Go into the conversation knowing you should be able to settle for about 60 percent less than your full balance.
  • Call on the last day of the month, when the debt collectors are scrambling to meet their quotas.
  • Mind your manners! You’ll get a lot farther by being calm and pleasant than you will by being angry and defensive. (It’s okay to feel angry and defensive. Just don’t let them know!)
  • If you have a lump sum to offer, start low and let them talk you up. (I told one person I had $3,500 and wound up settling for $4,100.)

I’m proud of you Kim!!! Lets keep from getting back into debt now, eh ;)

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