Drawing the Line Between "Work" and "Personal" Time

Guest Post: M from My Money Adventure. M has been a frequent commenter here at Budgets are Sexy, and is still going strong after launching his blog only a couple months ago (congrats!). Here is part 2 of his original “My Side Income Story“. Enjoy!
As I mentioned earlier, I’ve been reaching out to my readers for tips on how to generate side income, as my current employer does not allow me to work on patents that aren’t part of the firm. This got me thinking, but let me lay out some background information:

  1. I have to meet a yearly quota of money billed, i.e. x amount of dollars per year billed to the client.
  2. How I meet that quota is up to me, as in how efficient I work, i.e. if I work more efficient, the less time I have to actually work.
  3. Any money billed past the quota starts generating bonuses for myself.

So that brings me to the question: Where should I draw the line between work and personal time?

Sure I could keep working longer hours to get past my quota to get into the “bonus territory”, but how do I figure out when too much time spent on work starts effecting my personal life? It seems that the amount of bonuses I can earn is infinite, as I can always keep working and getting extra money, but where do I stop at?

This question can apply to any person as any person can always pick up a second job to make more money. But how do they determine when they have crossed that line? When there debt is paid off? When they save x amount of dollars per month? x amount of dollars saved overall? A certain net worth is obtained?

Readers, how do you determine that “line”?

Yours truly is honeymooning in the Caribbean and wishes you a very sexy day.

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