Dear emails, stop trying to tempt me out of my money. Thx.

Remember the time i made a boo-boo and bought that bling water for $40.00? Well, that same company – Bling H20 – is at it again! I just got an email from them trying to pursuade my fragile little mind to pick up another bottle, although this time for a wopping $2,500! WOWZERS.

It’s called the “Dubai Collection” and states (i kid you not) “because sipping pure prestige is the ultimate extravagance.” hahahhaa….i love it. But you know what’s crazy? People are actually buying this stuff! I mean, i fell for it once ;) But unlike the last time, you better believe i learned my lesson.

But that wasn’t the only email begging me for money, oh no. Within 24 hours i had a slew of others in there just shaking with excitement! I don’t know why it’s that much of a suprise to me – i get them all the time – but i guess i’m just so used to them that it’s hard to separate “real” mail with “junk/spam/ads” sometimes.

Here were some of the others:

  • Bed, Bath and Beyond – As if i needed any MORE 20% off coupons! I swear, we literally have over 50 of them jamming up one of our kitchen drawers. They’re great when you need them (and somehow always hard to find?) but enough w/ the emails…sheesh.
  • Snapfish – “20 holiday cards for just 1¢!”. so yeah, this one i fell for ;)…but you see, it wasn’t the 1 cent that got in my way, it was all the other stuff i picked up before checking out. I made it out pretty unscathed with only adding $15 to the purchase, but it wasn’t easy!
  • Ebay seller – Asking if i wanted to pick up an additional warranty for the batteries i just picked up for the Mrs.’ cell phone. (her’s also likes to drain for no reason…but this time i knew how to fix it cheaply!). I think the 1 year already on them will suffice – especially considering the carriers can’t promise they’ll work after that anyways! arghh…..
  • *new* Kohls – I literally JUST got this as i went to publish this post! Amazing…this one was to alert me of a “sneak peek” for this friday’s sales – and to remind us that we could get $10 back in Kohl’s cash for every $50 we spend. Okay, so yeah – GREAT deal if you’d already planned to shop there, but if not it’s surely got you thinkin’ now…

So i fell for 1 of the 5 ads this go around – not that bad. It could have been worse, i could be out $2,500 had i gone for the Dubai special! But still, isn’t it crazy the amount of ads we get every day? I bet if you checked right now there’s be at least one or two just sneaking in trying to grab your attention…it’s always okay to look, but be sure YOU’RE the one in control here, not them ;)

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