Credit Card Debt Rising Like a Mother.

Knock it off yo.It seems credit card debt has risen 18% in the last 6 months! This does and doesn’t surprise me. It does cuz it seemed the public was getting better at managing their finances due to the jacked up economy, but it doesn’t in that jobs are still going out the window and we had the holidays to deal with. Plus, people revert to their old ways in a heart beat ;)

Anywho, I got a whole mess of stats sent over by Credit Karma this week and I thought you’d find it interesting – especially if you live in any of these states. Here’s what the U.S. Credit Score Climate Report found:

  • Indiana – credit card debt increased by 39%
  • Michigan – credit card debt increased by 30%
  • Oklahoma – credit card debt increased by 32%
  • Pennsylvania – credit card debt increased by 30%
  • Tennessee – credit card debt increased by 34%

I’m surprised New York or California wasn’t on there, although I don’t have any real reasons to back up my theory. Michigan totally makes sense w/ their unfortunately high unemployment rate :( Any of you who live in these states noticing this trend? Credit Karma also researched the average debt from their 87,000 users:

  • $8,079 in credit card debt
  • $184,940 in home mortgage loans
  • $53,744 in home equity loans
  • $14,899 in auto loans
  • $26,692 in student loans

I’m happy to report I only fail at 2 of these 5 categories ;) We’ve got absolutely no credit card debt, auto loans outstanding, or any student loans on the books. We do, however – and to my chagrin (always wanted to use that word!) – have $287k in a home mortgage loan, and $63k in an f’ing home equity loan. As you can tell I’m not the happiest home owner these days, but we deal with what we got ourselves into, right? Anyways, I’m a sucker for stats like these and comparing myself to the “average joe.” It’s nice to see where you land when you work your ass of like we do :)

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