"Cash For Clunkers" Cashed Out?

Word on the street is that the “Cash for Clunkers” program may already be over – less than a week since it started! I won’t bore you with all the details here (mainly because I’m lazy and there’s already so much circulating around the webs right now anyways), but I did think it was prudent to mention. After all, you might have been excited to go out this weekend and start saving money by spending money! ;)

Haha…okay, well that’s just one take on the whole thing. It was perfect for all those already looking to buy a new car! I had considered picking up the $4,000ish rebate myself and trading in the ’93 Caddy – but then I realized I was an idiot and punched myself in the face. I LOVE that car! Sure it gets 14 mpg, but it runs just fine and I have ZERO car payments! Definitely not looking to spend another $443 a month again anytime soon, regardless of the discount…

But getting back to the breaking news here, does this mean Cash for Clunkers worked? If the gov’t set aside $XXX and we already went through $XXXX, then yes? Or should it have lasted the entire few months originally planned? I’m not the right person to answer that one, I’m just glad it gives us bloggers something new to talk about ;) Your thoughts?

UPDATE: Lawmakers pass $2 billion bill to keep program alive
Some great articles on it so far:
MSNBC @ White House Reviewing ‘Cash For Clunkers’
*And my favorite from Man vs. Debt @ Dear Uncle Sam: Please Stop Stimulating Me

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