Budgets are Sexy in da Hizzouse! (It’s a PF rap off, baby)

PF Rap Off.You may not know this, but one of my all-time wishes is to be a Rapper. The only problem being, I can’t rap. So instead I just do finance stuff & twitter randomly about my favorite rhymes already spoken by the likes of Wyclef Jean and Lupe Fiasco. This week, however, I got surprised not once but TWICE on the rapping front!

Yup, apparently we’ve got some other lyrical gangsters up in the personal finance arena. And not only that, but they recently spit out some beats for yours truly here at Budgets are Sexy! So I thought it would be fun to have our own little “Rap off” to give our PF Rhymers some street cred ;) So drop a comment like & and tell us which ya like just a little more than the other. Who knows, it may just become our official “song” here!

Contender #1, served to you by K.S. Katz aka CreditGoddess:

One, two, three, take it down!
Budgets are sexy, just take it from me
When I be saving money, it’s like sex baby!
Don’t hate me, don’t dish me for nixing credit cards cause…

Budgets are Sexy
Yes you know
Budgets are Sexy
Man I’m on a roll

I started my budget in three simple steps
Mapping out my income, my expenses and debts
Then I made a plan, a budget for future
Freedom from debt! That’s me, I’m not a loser

Budgets are Sexy
Yes you know
Budgets are Sexy
Don’t be a Spender!

Whew! Whatcha know about that? CreditGoddess rollin’ deep up in hurr, yessir…Let’s bring out the next contender now. Reigning from One Chance to Live, give it up for my boy BJP:

Take a minute ya’ll, just sit right there and listen
To the finance blog rap that you don’t want to be missin’

It’s a fun little description about my favorite peeps
and the stories they write about how to live super cheap

I’ll start with my boy some know him as J. Money
He is really well known for making personal finance funny
Budgets are sexy is the fruition of his work
where he writes about getting screwed by a wedding photographer jerk
take a minute or two and sift through his blog
if you don’t enjoy it then you really…SUCK.

Now its only appropriate to give a shout out and a hollar
to my man Trent over at The Simple Dollar
It’s a little more academic, but no worries you need not be a scholar
follow Trent’s advise and you’re sure to end up a finance baller

The third blog I read is called All Financial Matters
where JLP serves up financial genius on a platter
He is especially fond of using charts and graphs
to demonstrate the way your 401k has been cut in half

It was to these three blogs my finance cherry had been popped
put them all together and you surely can’t be stopped
My websites one chance to live and one day I hope to aspire
to the ranks of these bloggers money management empire.

Dannng son! I’m not gonna lie, this is a wild match-up. Both came out strong droppin’ the financial facts and bringing in the mad style points! And even cooler is that they come from opposite sexes! aww yeahhhh, gotta love that. So whatcha think? Who brings home the bacon? Think you could do BETTER? Then drop me a line here and show us whatcha made of!

(A HUGE thanks goes out to both contenders for dropping by and leaving us with such greatness! You’ve both got mad rhyming skillz indeed, and Budgets are Sexy is always honored to have you here.)

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