Book Review: A Million Bucks by 30

a million bucks by 30BOOK: A Million Bucks by 30
AUTHOR: Alan Corey
SEXINESS: 17 (that’s a lot)

I think someone cloned me, and wrote a book! haha… well, in the writing style that is – I’m def. not as brave and/or close to reaching that $1Million mark! A very fun read though, nonetheless. I can say one thing, it def. won’t be like any other financial books out there, that’s for sure ;)

Remember how I posted about my millionaire to-do list earlier? Well, think of this book as the final product of that, but with a totally different approach to it. Along with a healthy mix of adventure, and college spirit!

That being said, I wouldn’t say this is for everyone. While his stories and tips are pretty damn fascinating, it’s definitely for a “younger” audience (think early 20’s, 30’s). I’m not sure the “mature” kind would allow for such humor and select curse words scattered about. But, then again, if you’re even on my blog reading this, it might be exactly what you’re looking for ;)

Here’s an excerpt from one of his “extreme cheapskate strategies”:

“Buy one pair of multipurpose shoes a year. Don’t buy any others. If shoes make or break you with any business deal, date, or interview, believe me, unless it’s a girl with a foot fetish, it isn’t the shoes.”

Haha…see, totally funny! AND budget conscious. Without going too much into it, here are four key ingredients which helped him along his journey:

  1. He’s frugal. And I’m not talking about a little here and there, i’m talking about hardcore frugalness. The king of Ramen, and the master of ghetto living – all in the name of saving $$$.
  2. He does his research. This is probably key #1 to his accomplishments, he doesn’t do anything without consuming all he can on the subject.
  3. He buys real estate. Mainly to “flip” or to rent out as an investment. This is especially where #2 above comes in – if you know what you’re doing, there’s money to be made.
  4. He’s extremely outgoing. If there’s anything this guy has that sets him apart from all other wannabe millionaires out there – this is it. It takes a LOT of guts to do *most* of the things he talks about in this book, and there’s no way it can be done w/ out this trait. Did I mention he’s a self-proclaimed “Reality Whore”?

To be honest, that’s really the whole kit and caboodle. You mix that with some personal tips and a butt-load of crazy adventures, and you’ve got your self a nice little read here. And there’s something to be said for the way he conveys his messages. He’s actually a really intelligent guy (in case i’ve already scared you away):

“I like to think that making a million dollars is like losing fifty pounds: Both
provide new freedoms and options to the people who achieve these goals, but
neither of these objectives can be achieved overnight…Just like there is no
product that will help you lose twenty pounds in a week, the chances that you’ll
make a ton of cash overnight are pretty slim (so to speak).”

He doesn’t go too much into step by step processes such as The Automatic Milionaire, but it’s definitely a great motivational read. And while I, personally, don’t have the balls to follow through with such tenacity, i’d be lying if i said it didn’t get me to revisit my game plan!

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