Another foreclosure on our street…Is it time to get positive?

kiss me in the face.That’s now 2 foreclosures in 2 months :( And, just like the other one, i can literally see the place right outside our living room window! Perhaps they both partied together??? Arghhh….

But you know what? I’m done ranting about it all, i’ve said my peace last time and it didn’t get us anywhere (although it did make for a good blog post!).

Yup, this time i’m gonna be Mr. Positive and help create a happier atmosphere up in here :) You know, in the spirit of Christmas and all. So let’s get started!

1. The Foreclosuree’s can now start fresh.
This may be pushing it, but it’s true! Imagine all that stress and frustration they must be feeling? Sure your life is in shambles and you have to start all over again (esp if you filed Bankruptcy, which i’m assuming would happen), but you just got rid of your #1 liability!

2. Someone’s gonna get a helluva good deal!
Word on the street says the place is going for $225k!!! Considering we bought our townhouse for $360k, and our neighbor’s for $350k, that’s a 35% discount! Our places aren’t *exactly* the same, but who really cares at this point…if you’re a shopper, you’d be crazy NOT to pick up the cheaper one.

3. It’ll probably be the last foreclosure on our street.
I say this only because the “core” residents here – about 75% – have owned their places since construction ended in the 80’s. So most of them have probably already paid them off, or are close. The two pulling the foreclosure cards have been newbies so dar, and there’s only a handful of us around. You can never tell exactly what’s gonna happen, but this is all about staying positive ;)

4. We didn’t lose any good friends.
That’s a good thing right? It’s not like i’m THAT close to any of our neighbors anyways, but it would def. suck if any of those living side-by-side of us left :( We’ve been getting pretty close to one of them, and would hate to see anything horrible happen over there.

5. It forces us to stay on top of our game!
This is probably the most important of the positive outcomes – making us pay even CLOSER attention to our finances so we’re not next! I’d like to think we’re already doing this, but a little *extra* attention never hurt. Plus, imagine if God forbid we DID have to foreclose after all this $hit i spilled last month?! I guess at that point it would be the least of our worries, but the whole idea is still scary…

How’d i do? I gotta admit it was pretty hard at first to come up with, but once i put myself in OTHER people’s shoes the positives started flowing in :) I only hope that it does us all some good, i can only take so much bad news at a time. HAPPY XMAS EVE-EVE!

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