Am i slow, or did gas just plummet like a mother this month?

gas is my friendI’ve noticed it hasn’t gone UP at all, but i feel like i just transported back into 2001! It’s amazing. The last time i blogged about gas it was around $4-something and i filled my Toyota Highlander for $60.56!

Know how much i spent yesterday? $27.89!!! for the same almost-16 gallon tank full, only this time @ $1.96 – and that’s for Premium! Dannnnng son, gotta love that. Now, my cadillac will def. use up more than the SUV, but it sure makes my decision to switch cars much better :)

I know there’s a whole butt-load behind the reasoning for all this – supply and demand, oil reserves, blah blah blah – but i have my own theory here, and it’s probably not original in the least:

I simply think gas gets more expensive when it’s warmer out, and much lower when it’s colder out. plain and simple.

The hotter it gets – the higher it goes! And the colder it gets, the lower it goes. whatcha think about that? i’m only basing it on this past year, of course, but it makes sense to me :) I don’t need no stinkin’ variables and high-tech gadgets to figure out this one! haha…

From this day forward, GAS is back on the friend list. And this makes me happy – i hate having enemies! And know what else makes me happy? It’s FRIIIIIIIIDAYYYYYYYYYYYYY bitches! Now get out there and make poppa proud!

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