10 Cheap Ways to Woo your Other Half – Any day of the week!

10 cheap ways to woo!I know it’s October 14th, and not Feb 14th, but can’t you feel the love in the air?!

Maybe it’s because of the market surge yesterday, or the fact that i’m tired of being pissed off at our wedding photographer, but today’s a new day, and it’s time to celebrate!

And while Valentine’s day is still a good 4 months away, I figured it can’t really hurt to list a few ways to impress your other half. Us guys need all the help we can get anyways ;) And $hit, you can even try some of these out on any old day if you’re a Valentines hater – it can only help your chances of being a p.i.m.p/princess!

I’d like to warn you, however, that if you’re not in a lovey/gooey mood at the moment, you might want to avert your eyes as it may make you barf ;) in which case, check out who PT Money’s voting for in November. (you’ll enjoy it)

10 Cheap Ways to Woo Your Other Half:

  1. Spend the day at a mall, and take some silly Photo Booth pics together! You win with this every time :) Especially when you look back at it down the road.
  2. Pick up two matching goldfish, and name them after yourselves. Cutest/cheeziest thing i’ve ever written. (but damn if it’s not sexy!)
  3. Lightly spray some of your sweetheart’s favorite perfume/cologne in the bed. Key word being “lightly” here. If done right, however, it does wonders for the sensory glands!
  4. Guys: Write a love note on the back of your business card and slip it in your girl’s purse. Just make sure to make it out to HER name, and not another…you slimy ba$tard.
  5. Sprinkle some rose petals from your door to your dining room. Then enjoy a super romantic dinner together…or dessert! hahaa….ahh, i crack myself up.
  6. Ladies: Slip a dirty note in your man’s wallet when he isn’t looking! This one seriously rocks! I have yet to experience it (hint, hint), but it would be a totally great surprise.
  7. Always look your sweetheart in the eye when you tell them you love them. It seems simple, and i have no idea if i do this at all, but ima start doing it and see where it leads me :)
  8. Celebrate your anniversary by putting a “Just Married” poster on your car. Pretty cool, eh? Dorky, but cool.
  9. Write a poem to your sweetheart and have it framed. Then give it to your other half on an ordinary day! Or on Christmas eve like i did…when i proposed to Mrs. Budgetsaresexy (it works!).
  10. Pretend to pick up your girl/man at a bar! This is one of my all time favorites :) I like to use pretty lame one-liners and see if i can get the Mrs. to crack. And it’s not like it really matters, i mean she’s gonna go home w/ you anyways!

And there you have it – 10 ways i woo’d Mrs. Budgetsaresexy! haha….she wishes ;) I actually have tried out a few of these w/ great sucess, but something tells me i’ll be doin’ the rest in the very near future! As for you all, complete them as necessary my friends (in the voice of John McCain), but either way – have a splended rest of your day out there!

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