Would you rather… Money vs. Job edition

would you rather...Wow it’s been a long time since I’ve done a “would you rather“. I feel like we need one of these to get our brains in think-mode today. After all, it’s Feisty Friday! So here’s the question – give it some thought and drop a line w/ your answer. You never know when it just might come true ;)

“Would you rather be rich with a crap job, or poor with a job you love?”

I’ll admit it’s not the most creative question ever asked, but it’s something we talk about whether we realize it or not. Remember all those times we bitch & complain about our jobs? If we’re not doing it for the money, then why? ;) (on a side note I actually DO happen to love my job, but not after sorting through the other dirt holes first) In interest of this question though, I feel like I’d choose rich over poor. You can do a lot of good w/ money both for yourself AND others. As long as the job didn’t suck up all my time, I’m pretty sure I could deal with it in order to grab the benefits. Although, if I really hated it that much I guess it would mean that it DID take up my time, eh?

On the other hand, spending your valuable time @ a place that makes you happy can go a loooong way! Easier to wake up to, get back from vacation to, and just overall a better quality of life. Minus the money part, of course. But that alone is enough to drive a man crazy. As I mentioned, I couldn’t ask for a better job right now, but if the pay was a half or a third of what I currently make there’s no WAY I could live the lifestyle I do – and that’s saying something considering I live pretty low key as it is.

None of these questions ever have correct answers, but it’s still interesting to think about. I’m a huge “what if” kinda guy, for better or for worse (usually for worse if you ask any of my previous gf’s). But if you find yourself leaning towards the “poor with an incredible job” side of things, ask yourself this: what’s stopping you? If money isn’t as important deep down, why not get out there and start looking for it? It’s worth a few minutes of your time considering it at the very least.

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