WOOT! There it is.

Have you ever checked out woot.com? It’s seriously one of my favorite bargain sites E-V-E-R (and i’m not getting paid to say that, it’s for real a HOT site). They have listed everything from digital cameras, to Dyson vacuums, and all at crazy low prices. PLUS, and a big plus, the writers are freakin’ hilarious! Their descriptions will force a smile on your face no matter what the product, and are well worth the free entertainment alone.

Their concept is simple: Each and every day they offer just 1 (one) item up for sale, and at a super low price! So basically, it’s like Christmas each and every work day :) And no matter what the item, big or small, lean or fat, shipping is a flat $5.00. How simpler can it get?

The pieces of “woot” are usually electronic to some degree (think flat screen tvs, memory cards, remote controlled cars/robots, vcrs, etc), but they’ve also been known to throw in the random pots and pans here and there. Oh, and let’s not forget the three BEST woot days to watch out for:

1) The favorite: Random Bag of Woots! You never know what you’re gonna get, but you DO know that they’re only $1 a piece and full of surprises :) You must act fast for these, and scoop them up as SOON as you see them on your screen…they’ve been known to sell out in 2.4 mins.

2) The treat: “Woot offs!” If the stars line up perfectly and all is well in the world, you might be lucky enough to catch one of these. These events showcase not only 1 or 2 woots, but dozens & dozens until they are completely sold out of their inventory. One minute you can pick up a nice watch, and the next a set of fancy pants knives, each for only $5 shipping. These days are few and far between, but from my experience they fall on Fridays and towards the end of months.

3) The weekly: Two for Tuesdays! Plain and simple, 2 for the price of one on Tuesdays. These are cool as you can pick up one for yourself, and then another for a friend. Makes for awesome presents or random gifts of generosity…especially with the oddball items :)

So there you have it, the best bargain site online. They also feature a blog for fellow wooters to discuss and rant/rave about the products which also makes for some good entertainment. A word from the wise though, checking this daily is an efficient way to dispose of your extra income!

PS: Check out their sister sites as well:
shirt.woot.com – daily t-shirts for $10 + free shipping
wine.wo0t.com – a wine a day!
sellout.woot.com – combo deals w/ Yahoo!

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