Where, oh where, is Mr. Frugal?

Every now and then Mr. Sexy (my alter-ego) comes out and forgets to bring along Mr. Frugal. Either that, or Mr. Frugal enjoys taking a day off…which is more likely the case here.

I know this because all budgeting ideals flew out the window yesterday. It started out first thing in the morning on my routine walk to Starbucks. Before you say that’s mistake number 1, I have to divulge a little secret – we get unlimited free starbucks @ work! Spoiled, i may be, but when i had forgotten our company card and had to pay for this addiction myself, i was rudely awakened.

My crisp $5 bill quickly turned into chump change. How could my Hazelnutt Latte cost over $4? I could have sworn that it was $2.70 the last time i checked… It was at that point that i realized Mr. Frugal was not along with me, because any other day i woulda been like “Oh hell no” and just skipped the day’s crack.

So before i even got to work, i already blew $4.08! The morning goes by fine, until my stomach reminds me to put something else into it. The craving for buffalo styled chicken tenders kicked in, so i made my way over to Fuddruckers. I placed the order, and was then asked to pay $8.79 for it!!! Again, Mr. Sexy urged me to pay it and to, “just forget about it”. So for 9 bucks i got 4 tenders and a few fries… not even a drink, what the hell?

I start eating at my desk, and I’m reminded that I need to order a gift for someone. I find the site, go through the online checkout, and am about to hit the “order now” button where i see the insane shipping cost of $8.75! I was expecting at the MOST to spend $4.00 on it. F’ers. I know for a fact i could easily search around and get it cheaper w/out the high shipping costs, but i give in and order it.

Pushing these events to the back of my mind for a 3rd time, I carried on. The day ended, and i made my way to the train station, where i came across the food court and locked eyes w/ a basket of bananas. Remembering that Mrs. Budgetsaresexy likes them as well, and i was about to meet her, i picked up two. Can you believe those little bastards were 85¢ a piece!!!! The nerve! haha… Again, i could have easily walked away but what the heck, the day was already doomed.

So, for a day that i halfway considered making a “no spend day” when i woke up, I ended up throwing away $20 without a thought. I know this is not a huge amount by any means, but it’s scary to think that I could easily blow this every day if Mr. Frugal doesn’t come back :( that would be over $500 a month! *shiver*

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