5 For Friday: What If You Won The Lottery?

Hello happy campers!  I’m back in action and feeling semi-better today – woo! And even if I wasn’t, it’s hard not to get excited for today’s topic of interest – winning the lottery :)  Every single one of us has dreamed about it at some point, I’m sure.

So today’s your chance to share it with the rest of us!  And I give my girl over at Dinks Finance a shout out for coming up with the questions today, as I’m stealing them straight out of her “lottery changed my life” post she recently did ;)  Haha… Thanks Kristina!

Okay, here we go… This week’s Five for Friday: If You Won The Lottery…

  1. Would You Still Work?
  2. Would You Care What People Think?
  3. Would You Share With Your Family?
  4. Would You Still Live on a Budget?
  5. Would You Splurge?
  6. *BONUS* Would you take it over time, or in one lump sum?  Let’s say either $200 Mil over 30 years, or $100 Mil (taxes out and everything) all at once in one lump sum?

Me go first:

  1. YUP!  I’d still work, but then again my version of “work” is blogging and building things – the exact stuff I do now and enjoy the hell out of ;)  I’d do a lot LESS of the stuff that comes with it I don’t like that much (like the marketing, advertising, accounting, and all that other boring business stuff), but no way I could sit still and not use my brain.  Us A.D.D. kids are always on the go!
  2. Nope. At least I hope I wouldn’t :(  But really who knows until the day actually presents itself to us. And believe me, it WILL come! Do you know how often I play every week? Haha… but seriously though, money does some crazyyyyy things to your brain, so who knows what I’d be up to if someone handed me $100 Mil.
  3. Haha, of course!  Who wouldn’t share it with your family? That would be pretty messed up.  Even if I didn’t trust them with the money, or what they would do with it (I DO trust them, but just saying), you could at least buy them stuff the need like a car or a house, or pay off all their loans/debts/etc etc.  It would depend on how MUCH you win from the lottery, but we’d def. hook up our direct family.  And Mrs. BudgetsAreSexy comes from a LARGE one so we’d be popular!
  4. Uh-oh… the trick question!  Would I, J. Money – King Lover of ALL things Budgets – continue using one?  YUP!  I sure would.  But the numbers would look a bit different I’m sure, haha… ;)  Not that I’d be increasing my lifestyle by a CRAZY amount or anything (we’d invest a huge chunk, and then donate a lot from the start) but we’d def. be taking a nice break from being all hardcore-like up in here.  And I’d hire an adviser ASAP too. No way I’m gonna venture off into this one w/out a little guidance :)
  5. You’re damn right I would!  I’d buy that c300 I’ve been slobbering all over on the past 2 years, and then a ton of new clothes and shoes I’ve been too frugal to buy too :)  But really, other than that, and maybe an upgrade in our housing situation – however that looks at the time – there wouldn’t be much more on that list.  Unless the wifey has something in mind?  I’m pretty satisfied with the actual “stuff” I have, and the idea of having a ton saved up/invested/given out to the less fortunate would be much more satisfying to me than just blowing it for the sake of blowing it.  Oh!  And I’d extend my traveling addiction too :)
  6. *Bonus*  Man, I really don’t know… I’m leaning toward 1 lump sum just cuz you never know what can happen down the line w/ the rules/etc, but then again it would be a fat salary!  Yeah… I’d probably take the lump sum though.  Better to manage it all from the beginning than over time as it comes in I think?

Okay, your turn!  What are YOU gonna do w/ your $100 or $200 million you’re about to win? Remember — you can’t win unless you play!  (That’s right, I’m advocating that each of you plays $1 in the next Mega Millions game, I have a good feeling… you can thank me later ;))

PS: If you’re an addict of any type, don’t listen to me.

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  1. LLF August 19, 2011 at 7:43 AM

    1 – yes and no, I would not work at my current job, but I would do other work or volunteer
    2 – no, I don’t care so much now, so i don’t think I would care then
    3 – yes, but in limited way. Would offer to pay for everything for my parents and in-laws. I would offer my niece and nephews tuition, but only when they are ready for college, not before because I don’t want their parents to rely on having that. I would be generous with birthday and holiday gifts, but not excessive.
    4 – yes, but it will be a bigger budget because if you don’t you could just spend it all in a few years.
    5 – yes, but with in the budget
    *BONUS* – even though you are safer in getting the $200M over 30 years so you don’t spend it all at once (a lot of lotto winners are bankrupted within a few years) I would take the lump sum. The lump sum can generate more interest and $200M isn’t worth $200M in 30 years.

  2. kody @ financial money tips August 19, 2011 at 8:12 AM

    I love this question because i like reading what everybody else would do lol :)

    I would still work because i love what i do and it will help keep me busy on my free time. I would also like to have a part time job at a ski resort. A nice mountain town where i can snowboard, fish, hunt, hike, visit the hot springs, and read book on a beautiful lake.

    I have a really good family, and i really don’t think it can get any better. I would help them out in a heartbeat. My two brothers and sister

    I don’t care how much money i have. I would still live on a budget because i don’t like to live carelessly. But i would make sure i still have fun and do what i love.

    I would buy a nice condo and a truck to go along with that mountain town. Maybe a boat and a couple 4 wheelers if i can afford it. Thats where the budget will come in ;) I also assume that i would be married, therefore, i would show my appreciation in my wife and buy her something nice.

    I don’t give a rats ass what other people think ;)

    Have a good weekend J$$$$!

  3. Erin August 19, 2011 at 8:25 AM

    # Would You Still Work? No. At least not doing what I am currently doing. I would volunteer with animal charities/environmental groups/park clean up efforts/groups that debunk the myth that climate change is a myth and/or start my own charity.
    # Would You Care What People Think? About me quitting work? Hell no.
    # Would You Share With Your Family? Duh.
    # Would You Still Live on a Budget? Yes.
    # Would You Splurge? On certain things. I would purchase or payoff homes for a few friends and family members I love. I would spend a fortune adventuring and be totally ok with that. I would probably buy the compound of my dreams – in other words a house I love on at least 1000 acres somewhere. I’m not a car or toy person so while I may think about getting a few of these things, I would actually take time to determine whether or not I wanted to. Oh, I would get my manfriend a Harley whether he wants one or not so I can ride on the back.
    # *BONUS* Would you take it over time, or in one lump sum? Let’s say either $200 Mil over 30 years, or $100 Mil (taxes out and everything) all at once in one lump sum? Lump Sum.

    BTW – I posted this before reading anyone else’s responses including J$ so I will probably have some changes after getting ideas from others.

  4. Sarah Fowler August 19, 2011 at 8:49 AM

    I would definitely still work! Though I might take down my hours at my current 8-5 in order to spend more time on my consulting business and church.

    I’d care what certain valuable people (family and friends) think, the same as now.

    I’d pay off my parents’ debts (including their mortgage) and provide for my teenage sisters’ college funds; pay off my grandparents’ debt and buy my paternal grandmother a new car with working a/c. I’d probably also give a lump sum to a few dear friends (whatever it took to pay off their debt and have 6 months’ expenses in an emergency fund) and pay for all of us to have a nice annual vacation together, like a week at a beach house.

    I would *definitely* still live on a budget!!

    I wouldn’t splurge right away. Still no need to replace my car (1997 Crown Vic) until it dies, and I love my little apartment so I’d just keep investing and saving until I needed a car and was ready to settle permanently in a house. As for gadgets and the like, I *might* buy a new TV for football season and a VitaMix or BlendTec blender :-)

    I’d take it over time, for sure. Less temptation, more security that way!

  5. Jen August 19, 2011 at 8:50 AM

    Oooh fun question! If I won, I would: pay off my and my husband’s student loans, pay off my brother’s student loans and my parent’s mortgage, take my family on an awesome vacation, save the rest and give myself a yearly salary, out of my salary I’d travel and eat yummy foods and get more massages at the spa.

    To answer the questions:
    1 Yes, but try to drop to part time to have more time to travel.
    2 Not really.
    3 Definitely! I’d pay off my brother’s student loans, buy my dad a small 4-seater airplane, and give my mom some money to fix up the house.
    4 Yes, gotta make it last!
    5 Definitely at first, but then I would live off my salary.
    6 Lump sum.

    Also I always have trouble with your spam filter! It says I’m spammy, but I’m not, I promise! You should figure out what it considers spammy and then post commenting guidelines, I’m tired of revising!

  6. Mercedes August 19, 2011 at 9:01 AM

    1. I think I would still work, but like most have said, maybe no what I am currently doing and it would probably be in more of a volunteering capacity.
    2. I wouldn’t care what anyone thinks. Like you said, you’ve got to play to win, and just because they didn’t play, and they didn’t win, doesn’t mean I need to be judged by anyone else.
    3. I would share with my family, but I’d share the same amount with everyone. I wouldn’t buy this person a house and pay for that other person’s car repair. I think it would only be fair to give them all a set amount and allow them to do with it as the please. I’d also make it very clear that it’s a one time thing. I don’t want my cousin racking up credit card bills because she thinks she can come to me to bail her out. People need to take responsibility for their own financial actions.
    4. I think I would live on a budget. Some numbers would be inflated, and hopefully I wouldn’t have a mortgage payment to budget for. but I’m sure I’d have certain numbers I wouldn’t allow expenses to go over each month.
    5. I would probably Splurge on a nice trip, a nicer car and buy myself a better house. But I don’t think I’d be buying myself a gold throne or building myself a small scale castle with a moat. (both of which I believe I’ve seen on the show The lottery changed my life)
    6. I think I’d go lump sum. because a) you never know what could happen tomorrow and b) While $200 mil is a lot of money, the $100 mil is more than enough (or should be) to get me through the next 60 years of my life.

  7. CityFlips August 19, 2011 at 9:25 AM

    Would You Still Work?: Yes! I really like my field and I want to use what I do to make the world a better place. Maybe I could use the money to fund research in my field.

    Would You Care What People Think? Nope. I’m sure it would be in the news and all, but I don’t think it’s something I would advertise much. If people know fine, I don’t care. If people don’t know, fine.

    Would You Share With Your Family? Sure would! No one would have a mortgage payment, that’s for sure!

    Would You Still Live on a Budget? Yup.

    Would You Splurge? Yup. I’m not sure what I would splurge on, but probably increases in my budget categories would feel like a big splurge! I might buy a car or just save for a house.

    *BONUS* Would you take it over time, or in one lump sum? Let’s say either $200 Mil over 30 years, or $100 Mil (taxes out and everything) all at once in one lump sum? I’m not sure. Either way, it’s a lot of money!

  8. CrystalH August 19, 2011 at 9:37 AM

    Very nice questions! I don’t play the lottery because if you’d totally be better off investing those dollars instead of throwing them away on a one in a million chance of winning dough. But I do dream about winning the lottery even tho I totally don’t play!

    Would You Still Work? I would pursue blogging as a full time job and do some sort of volunteer work because I have to get out of the house at least 3-4 times a week (during the work week).
    Would You Care What People Think? heck no! I don’t care what people think now!
    Would You Share With Your Family? I would give them all a one time lump sum and stress that they are in control and must do the right thing with the money and make it last because the Bank of CrystalH will be forever closed to them afterwards!
    Would You Still Live on a Budget? I would still live on a budget because I have personally witnessed people get a lump sum of money only to throw it all away and end up in worse shape than when they started.
    Would You Splurge? I would totally splurge on going to the salon, buying nice fancypants clothes and I would go on lots and lots of vacations. I would totally try to travel the whole world!
    *BONUS* Would you take it over time, or in one lump sum? At first I was going to say over time but you are SO right about not knowing if the rules would change. So I would take the lump sum.

    Thanks for the cool questions and have a great weekend you guys!!

  9. Sweta August 19, 2011 at 9:46 AM

    I have a random question. Given that bank deposits are insured up to 200K (or is it 250K), if you did win the lottery how are you supposed to deposit that much money? Do you make $200K deposits in several different accounts?

  10. Joker August 19, 2011 at 9:51 AM

    the lotery is another means to exploit the poor, so by you promoting it, you have well lost another subscriber…..

  11. ShoeGal August 19, 2011 at 9:52 AM

    Oh I have thought about this sooo many times! I would still work, but would do things I really enjoy even if the money was not great….maybe even become a professional volunteer!

    I hope people would not care….especially if I share with them, which I would.

    I would still budget and keep track of spending, although it would look very different from how I do it now.

    My splurge would be a house.

    In terms of the payout financially it makes more sense to get the payment all at once … this is the only thing I remember from my intro finance course in university. But the value of the cash goes downhill if you get it paid out over 25 years or what not.

  12. Emily August 19, 2011 at 10:09 AM

    This one is fun!

    1) Yeah, I would probably still work. Sometimes just having a single day off drives me insane. But I think it would look different. With the current job I have, I would either cut it back to part time – or I would make it a volunteer job and work part time somewhere else just for fun. Like… at Starbucks or something. I feel as though being a barista and serving people would be a good time. Especially when I don’t NEED to – I WANT to. Or I would open up my own coffee shop/bookstore. Now THAT would be cool! And then I could hire people to do all of the business stuff that I don’t know how to do.

    2) I hope I wouldn’t care what other people thought. It might bother me to an extent… but hopefully I would get over it if it bothered me.

    3) HELL YES! I would want to help them pay off mortgage, cars, student loans (for myself and my sister), credit cards, and maybe even help them get more education. I know my sister wants to go back to school and my mom has been interested in taking some classes as well. And that’s just my immediate family. My youngest cousin just got married last year and has a kid – I know she probably needs the help. And my grandparents are probably paying a bunch of medical bills that they need help with. Or even some of my friends that I consider family I would try to help out – particularly with school loans and such.

    4) I would try! LOL. I’m still a financial “baby” and really working on sticking with a budget as it is. But I would still try with my winnings. When you’re given something, it’s your responsibility to use it well. I wouldn’t just want to throw it all away. They would be BIG budgets – but hopefully they would be used wisely and not change my lifestyle too much. My budget for giving would be a lot bigger though.

    5) Yeah… I probably would splurge a bit. Hopefully not too much though. I would probably just do more upgrading you know? Like… getting cable again vs. the 5 channels I have now. Decorating my apartment better, or maybe hiring someone to clean it for me since my roommate and I are slobs. LOL

    BONUS!!!!- I honestly can’t decide. Part of me agrees with you J$ in taking it all at once. I wouldn’t want to somehow not receive the money somewhere down the road if anything changes. But at the same time, that’s a lot to handle at once. But either way I would need to find some sort of financial adviser to help me out and figure out what to do.

  13. graduate.living August 19, 2011 at 10:33 AM

    1. Definitely. At least part-time (which is what most jobs in my field are these day… good ol’ adjuncting jobs). When I was teaching HS, I loved it, and by the end of the year I was surprised I was getting paid for it.
    2. I’m not sure what this means – I mean, what I do with my money is a private affair, right? Winning the lottery would certainly put me in a spotlight, but since I wouldn’t be buying multi-million dollar homes or boats or small islands, I think most people would lose interest fairly quickly.
    3. Of course. Pay off parents’ house, fund sister’s school and study abroad trip, send whole family on awesome vacation – and that’s just the big stuff!
    4. Definitely, but it wouldn’t be as tight as it is now! =)
    5. Oh yeah. Pay off my student loans, fully fund a Roth IRA, take a vacation… some splurging, eh?
    BONUS: Don’t know. I’m leaning toward “lump sum”… then throwing most of it in high-interest CDs, money markets, and savings plans…

  14. Sense August 19, 2011 at 10:43 AM

    Would You Still Work?
    Yes. I have my dream job and you can’t really buy that. I have pretty much everything at work that I need: stimulation, opportunities to learn and advance, happy social environment, plenty of time off, etc. I could even fund my own research with the lotto winnings!

    Would You Care What People Think?
    About what? Winning the lotto? Playing the lotto? What I spend my money on? Whether I work? Um, no. Why would I? Is this a big issue for other people?

    Would You Share With Your Family?
    My mom and her side of the family, yes. My dad and sister and my dad’s side of the family? Probably not, beyond college for the cousins. Mom’s side is awesome and wouldn’t treat me differently afterward. Dad and sister are AWFUL with money, they’d blow it all the first day, easy. And Dad’s side of the family (my aunt and uncle) would start fighting and probably try to kill me off to get the money. There would at least be numerous fights and whining about who got more why. From FIFTY-something year olds! Grow up!! Honestly, I hope I never win the lotto just because of them and their petty behavior. If they weren’t so crazy, I’d like to fund all of my cousin’s educations, make sure each member of my family has a decent house in a good neighborhood and a safe car to get to work, and that they have enough to live very comfortably without worry. Nothing flashy, just enough to not worry. They’d all still have to work. My 10 or so closest friends would all get something (a car?). And I’d fully fund a shiz-load of amazing luxury vacations to neat-o places with the people I love.

    Would You Still Live on a Budget?
    Yes. Can’t live without one, it’s habit now. Much grander scale, though.

    Would You Splurge?
    Yes! I would like to have access to a car to get groceries on weekends. I want to join a gym. I want a blender. I might move to a place with a yard for a dog and my own bathroom. There are a few things that I’d like that I just haven’t been able to stomach buying yet. I am very happy with my life though, I don’t see myself changing very much about it.

    *BONUS* Would you take it over time, or in one lump sum? Let’s say
    either $200 Mil over 30 years, or $100 Mil (taxes out and everything) all at once in one lump sum?
    I guess lump sum. An earlier poster mentioned that 100 M would gain so much interest in 30 years and inflation would have eaten up some of the value if you take the 200 M spread out over 30 years. I’m inclined to agree. Normally I’d say 200 mil over 30. Even winning 1M spread over 30 years would be more than enough for me.

  15. LG August 19, 2011 at 11:00 AM

    Would You Still Work? I’d still go to school (I don’t work cause I get money for school! Thanks Post 9/11 GI Bill!!)
    Would You Care What People Think? Never, people are crazy! I would get a state of the art security system to keep the crazies away from my house!
    Would You Share With Your Family? YES! I would pay off my sister’s student loans and my brother’s mortgage, and I would give my other brother a down payment for a house! I would also take care of my parents for the rest of their lives!
    Would You Still Live on a Budget? DUH! I wouldn’t want to go bankrupt in a few years!
    Would You Splurge? I would buy a cute little house, and a Jeep! :D
    *BONUS* Would you take it over time, or in one lump sum? Let’s say either $200 Mil over 30 years, or $100 Mil (taxes out and everything) all at once in one lump sum? Over time, unless the rules say that my family can’t get the money if I die, then I would take the lump sum.

  16. Kelsey H @ Zero to One Million Challenge August 19, 2011 at 11:59 AM

    Would You Still Work? I think I still would, but I might dial down the hours or find a less stressful position. I’d be too bored.

    Would You Care What People Think? Absolutely not!

    Would You Share With Your Family? Yes, my parents definitely need the help, and my boyfriend’s family has helped me enough as well. I’d like to help all of them.

    Would You Still Live on a Budget? Yes. I have a problem with buying fancy things that I don’t really need if I don’t keep myself in check.

    Would You Splurge? It depends on what you mean splurge. First it would go towards paying off all of my student loans/car loan, then I would buy a house, buy my boyfriend a more gas efficient and reliable car, and then the rest would go towards savings and helping family.

    *BONUS* Would you take it over time, or in one lump sum? Let’s say either $200 Mil over 30 years, or $100 Mil (taxes out and everything) all at once in one lump sum? I’d take it over 30 years.. $6.7 million still would be more than enough to live off of and fulfill of my financial needs in any given year, and I wouldn’t have to take the brunt of the taxes all at once.

  17. sandrac August 19, 2011 at 12:00 PM

    1. Hell no! I’d have lots of things to do, but they wouldn’t be work! I’d only stop by my office long enough to pick up my shoes, and share some $ with a few (very few) coworkers.

    2. Nope!

    3. Help my family? Absolutely! But NOT by giving them lump sums of money…I would: pay off their homes, set up education trust funds for my nephews/neices/grandchild (with explicit controls on the circumstances under which it could be used), send some relatives on their ‘dream trips’, etc.

    4. Probably – but not detailed to the same extent. Enough to make sure I have money to last DH and I until death – and given the longevity in my family, that’s essential!

    5. I would certainly splurge: buy my small dream home on lots of land in a warm climate, and my larger dream home on my larger acerage in my northern climate

    6. Canadian lottery winners aren’t taxed (by the Canadian gov’t), so I wouldn’t have the worry of losing money through taxation. I’d take a lump sum, but if the award was one specifically identified as $1K/week for life for example, that’s what I’d do.

  18. Jen August 19, 2011 at 12:15 PM

    1. Would You Still Work? Possibly part-time, but definitely not an 8-5 job!

    2. Would You Care What People Think? I always care what people think (alas).

    3. Would You Share With Your Family? That’s a toughie. Parents & siblings created the same financial mistakes that I did, but I’m almost out of the debt woods, while they’re not. I don’t think I would, no. I worked myself out of my mess; surely they can, too?

    4. Would You Still Live on a Budget? Depending on the amount of $$ I won, what I could invest and how expensive my traveling around the world in a year got :)

    5. Would You Splurge? Only on travel. That’s been my splurge-on-hold for several years.

    6. *BONUS* Would you take it over time, or in one lump sum?
    I’d rather have the money in one lump sum. I’d do a bunch of calculations to make sure I had enough money when I hit the ripe old age of 95, then do that traveling thing some more! I want to see all the World Heritage Sites before I die.

  19. Yana August 19, 2011 at 12:26 PM

    Would You Still Work? – My husband would retire. I can’t completely retire because part of my work entails assisting a 90-year-old, and I’m not going to abandon her.
    Would You Care What People Think? – Yes. I would like nobody to know anything about our finances.
    Would You Share With Your Family? – Probably not much different than now. We wouldn’t share to the extent that they would know about our finances.
    Would You Still Live on a Budget? – I would still not spend money that there is no reason to spend, and would still avoid waste.
    Would You Splurge? – Yes. We’d upgrade our living quarters and tolerate some increase in basic living expenses, would probably buy a classic car for my husband, and might get an extra car. We currently have one car.
    *BONUS* Would you take it over time, or in one lump sum? Let’s say either $200 Mil over 30 years, or $100 Mil (taxes out and everything) all at once in one lump sum? – One lump sum. I have little faith in the future and we aren’t that young.

  20. Leslie August 19, 2011 at 12:29 PM

    # Would You Still Work? -Not at my current job. I’d do more of your kind of “work” and work on having kids.
    # Would You Care What People Think? -Nope
    # Would You Share With Your Family? -I’d pay for my brother’s kidney transplant and pay off my parents debts. So, yes.
    # Would You Still Live on a Budget? Yes, but loosely.
    # Would You Splurge? -Of course, on a few things!
    # *BONUS* Would you take it over time, or in one lump sum? Let’s say either $200 Mil over 30 years, or $100 Mil (taxes out and everything) all at once in one lump sum? -DEFINITELY Lump Sum.

  21. Elise Adams August 19, 2011 at 12:52 PM

    Would You Still Work?
    Without question…in fact I’d have more to ‘work with’ since I’m building my own business AND my mission is my message which is my marketing…they are all one and the same. I couldn’t imagine not continuing to work on my life’s purpose!

    Would You Care What People Think?
    No. Because I’d still be the same person I am today–and NOW I don’t care what people think. However, I am always careful of the public messages I send out because I don’t want to make anyone’s journey through life harder because of something I’ve said or done. So I’d still be careful, as always, of what I said, did etc.

    Would You Share With Your Family?
    A fav dream of mine is budgeting a big win (I play about three times a year so it’s highly unlikely that I ever will–lol) with all that I could give away and do with the money. I’m with you, Mr. Money, on buying homes or property etc for folks!

    Would You Still Live on a Budget?
    I fantasy-budget already just thinking about winning something large :-) So yes, of course!

    Would You Splurge?
    Probably feel like splurging to me after living on the edge of homeless (or homeless for real) for the last 6 years…but it would all be solid practical not crazy-luxurious stuff. I would love to do some adventure traveling and some mission trips with the kids though. That probably would be in the splurge category.

    All at once! I don’t trust the ‘system’ enough to believe that money would really come out over 20 years!

  22. Kandace {Making It Bright} August 19, 2011 at 1:00 PM

    1) Would you still work?
    Of course. I’m a SAHM and don’t get paid anyway. I don’t have much choice but to continue to work. :)

    2) Would you care what people think?
    No way! Who cares what people think? Everyone makes some personal finance decisions that are contradictory (like being frugal and buying lotto tickets).

    3) Would you share with your family?
    Yes, but I wouldn’t just pass out money. I would offer when truly needed and only if the person was actively trying to improve his/her own situation, trying to avoid sticky family/money issues. I would also like to take everyone on a nice family vacation (Disney for Thanksgiving?), and/or have a big party for everyone (maybe a vow renewal for me and husband since we had 2 witnesses and a judge present when we got married).

    4) Would you still live on a budget?
    Yes, but it would be a little different. We would have more money to assign to our long-term goals, like retirement, kids’ 529 plans, etc. Bigger pie.

    5) Would you splurge?
    I’d have to splurge on something. We’d discuss what amount would be acceptable to spend, and then go for it. That would be fun.

    6) Bonus Question: Would you take it over time, or in one lump sum? Let’s say either $200 Mil over 30 years, or $100 Mil (taxes out and everything) all at once in one lump sum?
    For sure, lump sum. I’d rather have the money now than over time. You never know what is going to happen. It would also enable us to accomplish some of our savings goals now to focus on others over time, providing a tremendous feeling of security.

  23. LB August 19, 2011 at 1:12 PM

    I like the idea of financial planning if you win the lottery, but I absolutely hate when I hear people say they can’t do option X unless they win the lottery. Annoys the crap out of me, like they can’t plan to do anything with out a huge amount of free money.

    1)Yes I would still work, but not at my current job. Definitely would start my own business and say see you f-ing later job HA!
    2) Hell no. I don’t care what people think on a regular basis, because I don’t have a lot of support from friends and family now.
    3) If it wasn’t published I might not tell my family and friends. People get weird when you receive money and expect it. I think the best in my situation, would be share a lump sum for family and friends.
    4) Yes I would still budget, winning the lottery doesn’t mean I can buy anything I want for the rest of my life.
    5) Yes if I won enough money I would splurge. With $100 or $200 Mil I would go on a trip, buy more game systems, a pool and definitely move. All things I will eventually do without lottery money :)
    *Bonus I would take it in payments, lump sum=less money.

  24. Jen @ Master the Art of Saving August 19, 2011 at 1:28 PM

    Still Work- I don’t really work now but I do blog and LOVE it! I would imagine winning the lottery would make a personal finance blog even more interesting, so h*ll yeah.

    Care What People Think- I don’t care now, but I have no clue how things would be then, since I haven’t won before. ;-)

    Share With Your Family- Only the ones we actually like. How could we not, it would feel good to be able to help others not have to worry all the time. We wouldn’t give them enough to make them “rich” but enough that housing, transportation etc. was taken care of and then of course some fun $.

    Still Live on a Budget- Of course! If we didn’t we’d turn out like those lottery horror story people and that would totally blow.

    Splurge- Most definitely. Not really on “stuff” though, mostly travel, house (small modest one, not a large one) and self-improvement. It would be awesome to go back to college and just learn like crazy—life-long students maybe…

    Over time, or lump sum- Lump sum. I’m not trusting enough that we’d end up getting it all otherwise, there are so many things that could happen. Yep, so lump sum and dig right in with managing, saving, investing and all that goodness.

  25. wayne August 19, 2011 at 1:52 PM

    Great questions, here are my answers
    1) Yes, would quit my current job in a heart beat. I would continue to work but in another capacity (part time, volunteer, something different than what I am doing now)
    2) I always care what people think. I would not flaunt wealth and try to be same as before
    3) Yes of course I would share with family. Would help out where needed. What’s the point of having the money if you cannot share with ones you love?
    4) I would live as I normally would. Would stay within limits as I do now. Not a big spender.
    5) Splurge? Would paying off mortgage and car loans count as splurging? If so, yes I would. I would also add more $$ to kids college funds.
    6) As for the winnings, I would definitely take it all now. no need to wait for it. Who knows what will happen in future.


  26. Natalie @ Mango August 19, 2011 at 3:01 PM

    1) I would absolutely still work. First of all, I love my job– I write at work and when I get home, I write some more. It’s what I love to do, and I’d do it no matter if I had $5 or $500 million in the bank. Besides, I am a creature of habit. I need a schedule!
    2) I certainly hope not. I don’t really care what people think now and I don’t feel like a huge sum of money would change that.
    3) Of course! I’d start by giving my parents a chunk of money to retire on and pay off their mortgage.
    4) Honestly, I don’t think my spending habits would change that much! Like I said, I am a creature of habit. I do what I do now, and I don’t think it would be different with millions of dollars. I’d probably just travel more :o)
    5) I wouldn’t splurge too much. I’m sure I’d buy a little 2 bedroom home with a yard for my dog and I, but I don’t really have any “splurge” items I want. I’d much rather spend the money on traveling, a home, and keeping my family comfortable for a long time. Perhaps not the most exciting choices, but I’m comfortable with things the way they are. I wouldn’t change too much.
    *BONUS* Like you said, J Money, I’d take the money and run. Or, rather, take the money in one lump sum and hide it away someplace secure. You never know what will happen down the line with the regulations and all.

    Thanks for the great post. I’m loving everyone’s responses! For those of you who said “splurge” on a mega mansion or something, check out our post at Mango Money on Tuesday 8/30. It will be all about how celebrities are having to SELL their huge mega mansions in this economy. Something to think about when you win the lottery! http://www.mangomoney.com/blog/

  27. 20 and Engaged August 19, 2011 at 3:04 PM

    1. I would still be writing, for sure! I would still blog about life as a newlywed and share my life as a multi-millionaire too! Right now, that’s work for me.
    2. Nope! I wouldn’t care what people think. I would ignore the naysayers and the people with their hand out who don’t deserve it.
    3. Of course I would share with my family! Immediate family goes first (parents, in-laws, grandparents, siblings). I would pay for my little sister’s college tuition, pay off the homes of our parents (or buy them new ones if they’d like) and just all out take care of them.
    4. I would definitely still live on a budget. No ridiculous spending needed, but bills would be paid, debts would be gone, and money would be saved/invested.
    5. I would definitely splurge too. There’s not too many things I want though. I want a nice house to accomodate our future family, and maybe a nice car. Vacations and that would be it! I don’t need anything else really. Oh! I’d also rescue some more dogs and have a nice place for them to run and play.
    *BONUS*: I don’t know which one I’d choose. Over time, I’d get more and get a steady check haha. But with the lump, you see it all there in the flesh. Ask me when/if it happens.

  28. retirebyforty August 19, 2011 at 4:42 PM

    1) Would You Still Work?
    Hell no! I would walk out of my cubical right now. I don’t think of blogging as work though and will continue.
    2) Would You Care What People Think?
    I don’t care what people think now! hahah :D
    3) Would You Share With Your Family?
    Hell no! j/k. Of course I would share.
    4) Would You Still Live on a Budget?
    Sure, a bigger budget!
    5) Would You Splurge?
    YES!! I’m going to buy this penthouse for $3.5M. Then go for an around the world trip. hahahah!!!

    *BONUS* Would you take it over time, or in one lump sum? Let’s say either $200 Mil over 30 years, or $100 Mil (taxes out and everything) all at once in one lump sum?

    Lump sum.

  29. Melissa August 19, 2011 at 6:10 PM

    1. Heck yes I would still work! I mean, maybe I would scale back? Or MAYBE I would quit my job to become a full time freelancer, so I could only take on the projects I wanted, but yeah, I would absolutely still work and work hard. I love it! I can’t even imagine quitting my job to sit around and watch TV all day every day.

    2. Honestly, yes. I would be really concerned about like, always being expected to pay for stuff and being taken advantage of, and people becoming or staying friends with me because of the money. It would make me really uncomfortable.

    3. Of course!

    4. Hmm, I don’t know. Yes and no. I’d still have a financial PLAN, for sure, but I imagine if I won the lottery I’d have so much cash, I wouldn’t really have to plan every dollar. I’d probably invest much of it and try to live off the interest, or just have a sort of “allowance” while my money made me more money. But not a budget in the sense that I have one now.

    5. Umm…obviously! House, here I come! That would be my big splurge. A house. Not even a big one, probably. But housing costs here in Toronto are so astronomical, you practically DO have to be a millionaire to just afford a little two-bedroom bungalow in a not terrible neighbourhood.

    6. I would take a larger sum over time. That said, I’m only 24 and I’m healthy, so that seems like a gamble I’d be willing to take. If I was even 10 years older, my answer might be different.

  30. J. Money August 19, 2011 at 6:51 PM

    Happy Friday y’all! And GOOD LUCK if you do decide to play this weekend :) Remember – I get 10%!

    @LLF – I like that answer re: work :) You still actively get out there do DO SOMETHING, but now it’s a matter of stuff you truly care about over a gig just for the money (or mainly for the money). Good answer.
    @kody @ financial money tips – Haha, you too my man! I like posting these just to see everyone’s answers too :)
    @Erin – That’s a good way to do it though! Answer fresh from your brain before everyone’s answers influence you ;) Cool.
    @Sarah Fowler – Haha, nice. Def. go for the big TV!
    @Jen – Sorry :( It always gets wonky when it comes to debt and credit card talk – maybe you had a lot of that in there originally? Also if it was too short. Like, 3 words – but that’s obviously not the case, haha… I don’t know what algorithms WordPress uses.
    @Mercedes – I would hope so! Haha… once you hit 5 million the rest is gravy :)
    @CityFlips – Cars are usually the #1 thing we all would do – guess cuz we would never normally splurge for our favorite one!
    @CrystalH – Yeah, that’s probably the safest :) Your odds are sooooooo slim!
    @Sweta – GREAT question. And the answer the that is yes! The first thing you’d want to do is talk with a financial adviser you can trust and have him/her go over all your options. You’d probably be investing it in a whole array of different investment vehicles, and you’re right – probably not more than $250k in one bank account. All depends on what you’re going for though.
    @Joker – No problem my friend, we all have our opinions :) I blog about a different thing almost every single day, so people are bound to disagree w/ me at some point.
    @ShoeGal – Yeah! I’d join you in beinga professional volunteer too!! Would be fun :)
    @Emily – Yup, a financial adviser is KEY with this stuff. Or even better getting advice from THREE financial advisers! haha…
    @graduate.living – Oh man, who know what family/friends/strangers would think if they found out you won… it’s kinda scary to think about really, and obviously it’s been more of a curse to many winners than a blessing. So better we think about all this NOW before we win so we have a game plan! Haha…
    @Sense – Oh man, yeah – if you won there’d be chaos! Yikes… good thing you’re formulating a plan now just in case ;)
    @LG – Haha, good call. You’d need some massive security system in place, crazy people…
    @Kelsey H @ Zero to One Million Challenge – It would feel GREAT nixing out all that debt at the same time, huh?? Man…
    @sandrac – What? Really?? Wowwww that’s awesome. Tax-free lottery is even better! :)
    @Jen – Oooh that would be cool! I’m not sure what the World Heritage Sites consist of, but it sounds interesting!
    @Yana – Aww, haha… lump sum it is then! :)
    @Leslie – HAH! You pay attention to my little sex mentions, I see ;)
    @Elise Adams – Yup, you’re not the only one who wouldn’t trust it!
    @Kandace {Making It Bright} – Haha, yeah moms! So true about lottery tickets too. It seems I lost a subscriber just by talking about them today ;)
    @LB – Now THAT I agree with. People use that “winning the lottery” excuse to not work on things themselves alllll the time. And then they don’t play the lotto anyways! haha… You can do a $hit ton of good financial planning w/out winning a penny – I wish others were more motivated too. Good comment :)
    @Jen @ Master the Art of Saving – Yeah it would!! Imagine if I came back next week and I won like $100mil? You know how sexy that would make my net worth graph look??? Hahhahaa…. Whoo-doggy!
    @wayne – “What’s the point of having the money if you cannot share with ones you love?” YES!!! So. True. Thanks for taking the time to share that with us today :)
    @Natalie @ Mango – Oh man, those celebrities are nutso sometimes – SO GLAD I figured out my money situation beore I get famous, haha… ;)
    @20 and Engaged – Yeah full-time blogger!!! W00t W00t.
    @retirebyforty – Oooooh nice!!! That life-sized chess board is hot, yo!
    @Melissa – Oh yeah, good point on always wondering if people are trying to trick you and all that (Or expecting you to pay every time you go out! Ugh, *that* would get annoying fast). Interesting way to answer that question, smarty pants :)

  31. Crystal August 19, 2011 at 6:55 PM

    Would You Still Work? I’d blog.

    Would You Care What People Think? We wouldn’t tell anyone except our very closest friends and family.

    Would You Share With Your Family? Yes and our charities of choice. My husband would build a Curling rink near our new home.

    Would You Still Live on a Budget? Yep, but it would be a very large budget, lol/

    Would You Splurge? I’d get a Mazda Miata like I have wanted and we’d have a home built to our specs.

    *BONUS* Would you take it over time, or in one lump sum? Lump sum and we’d live off the interest.

  32. Edward Antrobus August 19, 2011 at 9:25 PM

    1)Yes I would. There is nothing more boring than sitting on your butt all day. I know, I was out of work for 16 of the last 24 months.
    2)I don’t care what most people think now. Why would I let some money change that?
    3)Yes I would. And friends. I’d give 10-25% to friends and family. And 25-50% to charity.
    4)Sort of. I’d seperate a million dollars and put it into it’s own safe, interest-bearing account somewhere. Just 1% would be $100,000/year. If you just want to live a middle-class lifestyle, it’s pretty hard to not live off 100k with no debts.
    5)Again, sort of. Solid middle-class home, new furnishings and electronics, new car for wife and I, another Beetle, small hobby farm, an in-ground pool, and my own personal bowling alley lane and home theater. That’s the better part of a mil, right there, but is pretty much all I could wish for in life that money could buy.
    BONUS: Lump sum. Remember when lotto jackpots were like 1-2 million? If you took the annuity back then, you would have to wait a few years to have enough money to actually buy a house. 20 million over 30 years is still only ~$667k/year. I don’t want to have to wait TWO years to make all my financial dreams come true!

  33. Paul August 19, 2011 at 9:53 PM

    Would You Still Work?
    I have the same self diagnosed ADD problem so im sure i would still do alot of things but i dont know if i would maintain a “real job”

    Would You Care What People Think?
    Never have thats not going to make me start

    Would You Share With Your Family?
    I think i would help immediate family get out of debt, fund alot of schooling, and mainly i would help anyone start a business(that i would get a piece of), but i wouldn’t be a personal atm

    Would You Still Live on a Budget?
    Some sort of one, not sure how it would work out but i know i would.

    Would You Splurge?
    Im sure i would spend a fair portion on partying and traveling, But mainly on real estate, i think i would build a few hundred appts something thats going to constantly generate massive revenue and constantly grow in value.

    *BONUS* Would you take it over time, or in one lump sum? Let’s say either $200 Mil over 30 years, or $100 Mil (taxes out and everything) all at once in one lump sum?

    All at once.

  34. Kari August 20, 2011 at 7:06 AM

    1-I would still work. Rather than management, I would work in a direct care position (work at a group home). If there is a way, I would build a brand new home for this specific group and set it up so it is geared towards their specific needs.
    2-I don’t care now, why would I care then?
    3- totally would share with family.
    4-gotta have a budget or it will be senselessly blown away.
    5-definitely. I want a moped.
    *BONUS* lump sum. It would be financially smarter to take payments but it’s such a large amount it won’t matter..


  35. Nicole August 20, 2011 at 9:51 AM

    Would You Still Work? If we’re talking about $100 million, no, I wouldn’t work, at least not at my current job. I would volunteer and travel. If it was a smaller amount (1-5 million), I would work.

    Would You Care What People Think? NOPE!

    Would You Share With Your Family? Absolutely! I would let my mom retire. I would buy her and my dad a pimped out ranch for one floor living, their current house has steps that are difficult for them. I’d get them a weekly cleaning lady. I would buy a house for my one brother who has financial difficulties. My other brother is pretty loaded, but I’d still hook him up too! And, my son would be living the high life with me and my soon-to-be husband! I wouldn’t buy my son a bunch of things, though. I would spend it on enriching his life with traveling, museums, theatre outings, etc. We do all that stuff now, but I would do it way more so! Also, there are two charities very close to my heart. Cornerstone of Hope was started by a high school friend after her 3 year old son died. And, Mission4Maureen was started after my sister in law died. COH is a bereavement center and M4M helps brain cancer patients financially. I love them both because I am so close to their inspiration, I volunteer for both, and I sit on the board for M4M. They are also awesome because they help people that are suffering right NOW. Research funds are important, but they help people NOW. Both organizations would get a big chunk of cash from me!

    Would You Still Live on a Budget? Probably somewhat. Would invest a ton of it, I would make sure it lasts my lifetime, my kids’, my grandkids, etc.

    Would You Splurge? Heck to the yes! I would buy a new house (even though I have 2!)…but I have alot of home improvements to do, so I would want to buy one that already has it done, or build one. I would want a backyard with an inground pool, swim up bar, outdoor fireplace, etc., so that I never have to leave and all family parties will be at my house (I LOVE entertaining!). I would have a cook and a cleaning lady, but no nanny, I love taking care of my son myself. I would stay in the Cleveland area, but I would buy a place at DisneyWorld so I can take my family whenever I want. I wouldn’t splurge on some things. For example, I would still fly commercial, I would still buy cheap kid clothes (they outgrow them so fast), I would still frequent dive bars (usually have the best food), but I also love my filet mignon and lobster, so I’d be having alot more of that, my Coach and Vera Bradley collection would grow, and I love diamonds, so I’d frost myself a bit! And, I would have as many babies as I could, since money is the only reason I haven’t been reproducing like a bunny (maybe practicing like one, but…hahaha).

    *BONUS* Would you take it over time, or in one lump sum? Let’s say either $200 Mil over 30 years, or $100 Mil (taxes out and everything) all at once in one lump sum? Always, always take the lump sum. With proper investment, it always ends up more than payments. In my MBA finance class, we talked ALOT about the time value of money…ALWAYS take the lump sum!

  36. MikeTheRed August 20, 2011 at 11:57 AM

    Would You Still Work?
    Absolutely. While I love taking time off and vacations, I need a purpose to my life. I need goals and things to do. So while I say I’d still work, what that work would look like is hard to say. Would I keep working for someone else? Start my own company? Volunteer? Who knows really?

    Would You Care What People Think?
    A lot of folks here are saying “Of course not!” but I’m not sure that’s how it would play out for me personally. Chances are, outside of my direct family and a few close friends, I probably wouldn’t reveal that I won (I know it becomes public knowledge, but most of the folks I know don’t actually pay attention to lotto winners at all). I’d just try and keep it on the DL to avoid folks treating me differently.

    Would You Share With Your Family?
    Yes. My parents and in-laws have always been very supportive of my wife and I in our many endeavors (both separately and jointly). I would make sure they were set for retirement, owned their homes, and fund a few killer trips for them. It’s the least I can do to repay them.

    Would You Still Live on a Budget?
    After a fashion, yes. I’d probably structure the money so that I was only getting access to it at a certain rate, probably hire someone specifically to manage it and essentially give me an allowance. At that range, I just don’t want to spend a great deal of time thinking of money.

    Would You Splurge?
    Absolutely. Travel. Travel. Travel. My wife and I love to travel and we’ll see the world! This plus a nice home are probably the two places I’d splurge the most on. I’m not into fancy cars etc. so the big ticket items are relatively few.

    *BONUS* Would you take it over time, or in one lump sum? Let’s say either $200 Mil over 30 years, or $100 Mil (taxes out and everything) all at once in one lump sum?
    Lump sum. As I’m almost 30, I figure based on family history etc I have another 60 years left in me, give or take. 100m split up over 60 years is just over 1.6m per year. That’s more than enough to live VERY comfortably on, plus all the interest generated on the rest over those 60 years will probably offset several years of spending.

  37. Kristina August 20, 2011 at 8:53 PM

    @J.Money – Thanks for posting :-)

    Bonus Question Even though I am only 30 I think that I would still take the lump sum becuase I would like to have the money in my hands. We never know what could happen in the future and “guaranteed” may not always be guaranteed. Either way $200 million is way more money than I would ever need.

  38. Sharon V August 21, 2011 at 10:31 PM

    Bonus* I would take the $200 million over 20 years. The first year alone would take care of everything I want.

    Would You Still Work? Yes, but I would feel freer to walkaway. I think that would make me even better at my job.

    Would You Care What People Think? About winning the lottery? No. This area is particularly dense with Millionaire Next Door types, whom I would emulate. Most people in this area don’t care if I don’t care. About me as a person? no more than I do now, and probably less, since I probably care too much.

    Would You Share With Your Family? Immediate family first. Pay all debts, including mortgages and decent vehicles

    Would You Still Live on a Budget? Yes, there’s little chance of running out, but why risk it, and i do want to live intentionally, too

    Would You Splurge? Absolutely. I’d buy the property and house I am renting now, and mkake a hooby of fixing it up, and adding stuff, like a shop, maybe plant stff, etc. A newer vehicle would be cool too.

    After doing all this, I would set up a foundation for most of the rest, leaving me with an allowance. The foundation would then handle all requests for funding or charity, with a focus on projects to benefit the area in which I live. This way, if anyone comes asking for funding for a business plan, I can tell them to get lost in the beaurocracy.

  39. ib August 22, 2011 at 11:05 AM

    I tried to answer the questions but it keeps kicking me out.

    The things I would if we ever won is
    1. Quit our jobs.
    2. Put the money in the bank – after sharing with family
    3. Go on a year cruise around the world with our kids. There is one that goes for 360 days and it goes all the way around the world. This way we would disappear for a while and have time to think what we’ll do next.

  40. Monica August 22, 2011 at 11:49 AM

    1. Yes, I would still work as a Usborne Consultant, but not as an accountant. LOL
    2. Not any more than I do now!
    3. Of course. I’m not sure I would just give them the money, though. That will probably cause some tension, but hey it’s my money to do with that I please, and if that includes not giving you a wad to blow on things in your life that I find stupid or irresponsible, so be it!
    4. Yes, it would definitely be larger though.
    5. Of course. I would buy my husband the boat he has always wanted and we would definitely get a bigger house because we are outgrowing this one. For myself I would probably go pick up the Jaguar XF that I’m in love with.
    *BONUS* Lump Sum!!!

  41. J. Money August 22, 2011 at 11:35 PM

    @Crystal – Curling rink? Is that like a special kind of ice-skating rink? Haha…
    @Edward Antrobus – Hah! I DO remember 1-2 million jackpots, boy… either there’s some major inflation going on, or people are really digging these tickets now ;)
    @Paul – I was self-diagnosed until I got for real diagnosed ;) Though I really have A.D.H.D. over A.D.D… not that it matters, haha…
    @Kari – Mopeds are hot, especially when chicks ride them ;)
    @Nicole – Wow, you’ve REALLY thought about this before! Haha… this was great! And nice to know more concretely about the lump sum option, I never really knew if one was all that better in the end financially or not, but that does kinda make sense.
    @MikeTheRed – That sucks that it becomes public knowledge like that :( I mean, I can totally understand why they’d need to do that, but man – the crazies come out once they know who’s getting bank! A good security system will def. need to be installed as well :)
    @Kristina – Hey, thank YOU for coming up with the questions! These were fun, and a little bit different in the way you approached this. I liked it :) And obviously the others did too!
    @Sharon V – I *Love* the allowance plan of action, I’d want to have something set up like that too ourselves.
    @ib – Sorry! Not sure why it’s acting up for some, and not others :( I rescued this in the “pending” section though :) The world-wide cruise would be incredible!
    @Monica – Yes! Jaguar XFs are sexyyyyy!

  42. Javier7 August 23, 2011 at 12:33 PM

    Would You Still Work?
    Hell yeah! I’d just work on projects that interest me. Maybe fork over some cash to worthwhile causes like supporting our troops.

    Would You Care What People Think?
    I’m sorry, I wasn’t paying attention. What did you just mutter something under breath?

    Would You Share With Your Family?
    Yes. I would create a fake company that miraculously chose them to win some big-ticket items and AMC theatre gift cards. I like movies.

    Would You Still Live on a Budget?
    I’d keep it under 200 million minus taxes. I may set aside 1 million dollars for the each offspring I have officially acknowledged. I might put some random chunks of cash in stable countries. Are there any left?

    Would You Splurge?
    Rule of thumb: when you get a cash windfall, take 10% from the top and put into a “splurge” account. That’s what I’d do. I am saving the rest for prime real estate in Cuba when Fidel loses all his lives. He’d probably give Mario and Luigi a challenge in 1-ups. B@stard.

    Lump it like a Krab meat patty. Time value of money means a dollar is worth more today than tomorrow. Do you really want politicians and government “managing” your winnings? Besides, I don’t want any weird economic ideas involving my “winning”(Charlie Sheen voice activated) being created for paying back China all the money we owe them. I’m just saying.

    Great post man!

  43. J. Money August 23, 2011 at 1:11 PM

    Haha, you win for the most creative answers ;) Love ’em. Especially that fake company route! I’m gonna have to remember that one.

    (Also, totally agree w/ the 10% splurge account!)

  44. Heather August 23, 2011 at 2:56 PM

    Would You Still Work? I would start my own business. I want to own an upscale lingerie boutique. I’d have the finances to make that a reality. I’d quit my regular 8-6 job. I also would like to go to school to learn French and Italian in my spare time.
    Would You Care What People Think? People I love, yes.
    Would You Share With Your Family? Of course. I’d pay off my parents and my in-laws mortgages and cars and give them enough cash to sit on for awhile. I’d help my brother-in-laws with their student loans and what not. I’d also pay for my younger sister’s college education.
    Would You Still Live on a Budget? Of course! I’d hire a financial advisor as well.
    Would You Splurge? Yes. I want a Louis Vuitton handbag and some kind of luxury car (BMW, Mercedes, Lexus, or Audi). I wouldn’t go Ferrari or anything crazy. I’d buy a large comfortable home, but nothing extreme like 12 bedrooms or 15 bathrooms. I want something with a big fenced backyard so I can foster animals that have been abused and abandoned. I’d also TRAVEL all over the world and take my friends and family with me on one big awesome European vacation. And I’d buy my husband the Cadillac of his dreams.
    *BONUS* Would you take it over time, or in one lump sum? One lump sum. I heard that if you take it over time you have to pay income tax on that money every year. I think I’d rather take the taxes on it once and minimize the headache.

    This reminds me that maybe I need to start playing the lottery. Lol. Can’t win if you don’t play!

  45. Heather August 23, 2011 at 3:31 PM

    I’d also like to add that I’ve had this discussion with my husband numerous times. I think I’d feel very uncomfortable with everyone knowing I have so much money. I’d feel very awkward. I think I’d try to keep it a secret for awhile, but even that would be hard. How do you explain that you can suddenly quit your job and travel all over the world and buy a new house and cars? Like Melissa said up above, she’d be afraid people would take advantage and always expect her to pay for stuff.

  46. threadbndr August 23, 2011 at 4:55 PM

    Would You Still Work? – yes, but only until my manager could get a replacement in and I could get them trained, a year would be good.
    Would You Care What People Think? – I’d worry about being taken advantage of or threatened
    Would You Share With Your Family? – of course. I’d set up a charitable foundation with my son and my sister to figure out ways to invest and share it, but reserve enough to pay us each a nice salary from here on out. If we are careful, nobody should have to do more than they want to.
    Would You Still Live on a Budget? – have to, just with a lot more zeros on the end, and a good advisor instead of going it alone
    Would You Splurge? – a bit – some house upgrades for sure.
    *BONUS* Would you take it over time, or in one lump sum? Let’s say either $200 Mil over 30 years, or $100 Mil (taxes out and everything) all at once in one lump sum? – torn on this one – I’d have the advisor run the numbers.

  47. J. Money August 24, 2011 at 9:23 PM

    @Heather – Haha, exactly! No winning w/out playing :) And I love your lingerie idea too, though I’m kinda skewed being a guy and all ;) And I agree w/ feeling awkward, but I don’t think you can keep it a secret anyways since it goes public and you have to have your picture taken, and name out there, and everything w/ one of those big fake checks ;) Probably to prove to the public that Yes, people DO actually win.
    @threadbndr – Awww, that’s so nice of you! 1 year? That’s a LONG time! Haha… good for you though, we need more like you in this world :)

  48. KON February 25, 2012 at 4:50 AM

    1) Would I still work…Maybe part time, but I would definitely do volunteer work, missionary work, and some work as a TV/movie extra or commercials because I like acting and voice- over.

    2) Would I care what other people think….NO!

    3) Would I share with my family….Of course I would share with my family; my mom, dad, brother, and my kids. They all would be well taken care of.

    4) Would I still live on a budget….Yes I would live on a budget, but a larger one obviously. We are talking about $100 million! I would seek guidance from the very best financial consultants.

    5) Would I splurge….Yes indeed! I would buy a 2 bdrm condo ($350K) in the city and a 4 bdrm gated luxury home ($900K) in the suburbs. I live in Texas so I get more for my money here. I would also payoff mortgages or buy houses for my mom, dad, and brother. I would then buy an Audi R8 V10 and SUV for myself and cars for my parents and brother. Of course I would set up college funds for my kids’ education, but taking them on fabulous vacations at least twice a year would be a priority as well…

    6) Bonus….I would take the lump sum in a heartbeat! Life is too short…

  49. J. Money February 25, 2012 at 12:18 PM

    Haha, I like it. That Audi R8 is hot!! I love the idea of being a TV/Movie extra too – it’s one of the jobs I’ve always wanted to try too, esp when I was living in NYC for a couple of years. It’s perfect for those who a) don’t really desire to be a huge movie star and b) don’t need the money, haha… if you ever strike it big, I want to go with you on one of the movie sets!!

  50. Camille March 8, 2012 at 1:37 PM

    Would You Still Work? Yes. I would finish out my government career. I wouldn’t throw that away. I work home a few days, so it wouldn’t make a difference.

    Would You Care What People Think? No.

    Would You Share With Your Family? Mom and niece and two cousins only. Everyone else will be on a case by case basis. Anyone else with their hands out will get their hands slapped.

    Would You Still Live on a Budget? Of course. It could all go if I didn’t. People need to be careful about that stuff because it adds up.

    Would You Splurge? Yes. I would buy me, my mother and my niece houses if the amount was high enough. I’m keeping my car.

    *BONUS* Would you take it over time, or in one lump sum? Let’s say either $200 Mil over 30 years, or $100 Mil (taxes out and everything) all at once in one lump sum? Lump sum. The interest alone on the amount could make it grow depending on how it is invested.

  51. J. Money March 9, 2012 at 9:35 AM

    I hope you win one day!! Seems like you’d have your head on much better than some others out there :)