Try working on finances when you’re in the mood :)

While I find finances and spreadsheets REALLY freakin’ interesting, there are definitely times when I could care less. It doesn’t mean I get myself into trouble or anything, but just that I work best while going with the flow.

I think that’s the key to financial management sometimes – you gotta do things when you’re in the mood.
If you know you work better with numbers early in the morning, maybe it’s best to start on it first thing? Or say you have to battle it out with a service rep to get a $35 late fee off your credit card bill – why not schedule it for a time when you can really put your heart into it? Or perhaps a time when you’re incredibly pissed off and won’t take no for an answer! haha..If you go this route, mind you, just be sure to stay cool and professional. As a manager of a customer service department, I can tell you that you’ll get much farther on the call being nice than you would by cursing me out ;)

The downside to this “in the mood” theory, of course, is if you never get to that point. I highly doubt you’d even be reading this if that were the case, but it certainly happens to the best of us. When this happens, try bribing yourself with a dessert or a beer or something. Or maybe get all hocked up on caffeine or energy drinks – that’s been known to do the trick as well.

Regardless, I urge you to give it a try. You could even start with other aspects of your life too! Say, with checking email or facebook? I know for me I interact and respond much more quickly and smartier (word?) if I check them before noon. It seems like I gain an ounce of laziness every hour after that until it’s time to go to bed ;) So give it a shot. Start paying attention to what your body’s telling you and strike when the mood is hot!

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