This guys rocks. And saves!

I came across the Change Race the other night and i just HAD to give it due credit. Although the word “Entertaining” defines it entirely, let me tell you a bit more about the genius behind it….or perhaps what the site’s about since i don’ t actually know the person behind it :)

The concept is simple:

We will being collecting any money that we find on the ground. It must be found, and must be change. First one to $100 wins. The trophy you ask? It is a parmesan cheese shaker that we stole from the pizza place where we hatched the idea. It will be filled with 100 pennies and will be a symbol of our victory.

The blogger, Baily, sends in a post every time he finds change, and talks about exactly what he’s come across (quarters, nickels, etc), along with an interesting story or two behind it. They’ve since made it past their $100 mark, but are still going at it! and why not? it’s a helluva unique blog idea, as well as a great way to get you to think twice about pickin’ them up next time. on top of it all, it’s freeeeeee money.

It’s now been 3+ years, and although he doesn’t post daily, it’s still updated every now and then & continuously cracks people up….well, at least me! I think the random pix he throws in from traveling and such (see Grover in Paris), is what seals the deal. GENIUS! I might have to put up a “change counter” myself one day…hum…

One thing’s for sure, that classic saying definitely holds true: Change Adds up!
For similar reading, check out their inspiration: Change Quest .This guy’s a little more hardcore, posting every day. awesome.

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