Starbucks just got sexier!

personalized starbucks cardThat’s right, you heard it here first. Starbucks is my new best friend. Not that it wasn’t top of the list before, but it’s now been moved to BFF status. haha….

Why the sudden upgrade? Welllll, from now on you get MAD hook ups as long as you use your registered Starbucks card when ordering! All for being a good little customer.

Check it:
1) Syrup and milk options are now on the house.
2) Brewed coffee refills are F-R-E-E!
3) You get a FREE beverage when you buy whole beans.

SWEETness to the extreme :) now you may be saying to yourself, “Self, but i don’t have a starbucks card, so what am i supposed to do?”. that’s a valid question, so let me propose a solution to that – walk to the nearest starbucks, and pick one up! Or, if you really wanna be creative, create your own online and order it at the same time. The card i have posted at the top is one my sister did for Mrs. Budgetsaresexy. It’s fun!!!

if you go on a continual basis, you KNOW you’ll be using it, and not only that I bet you’ll realize REAL FAST how much you actually spend on coffee when you have to refill your giftcard every other week!

Sooo, by using your new starbucks gift card (which you’ll use every visit), you could now:
a) Save up to 80ยข for a fancy pants drink (40ยข for syrup & 40ยข for milk).
b) Save up to $2.50 on a free refill of normal coffee. More if you’re a thirsty little badger.
c) Save up to $5.00 on a fancy pants drink if you buy a bag of beans!

Plus, no more searching around your pockets for exact change, or just throwing it on your credit card. The latter adds up fast, and sometimes you don’t even realize it! This is a Win-Win situation: Save money AND Budget better!

Now, if you’ll excuse me, i’m gonna go put my money where my coffee beans are.

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