Saving Money Trumps Sex?

Sex is better.As a blogger, I tend to get a lot of random (and boring) PR releases. Most of them I just delete or file away in case I need it for later, but every now and then I get a gem like I did yesterday :) A note to all PR people reading this – I’m a big fan of interesting juicy stuff! Don’t be afraid to spice it up, unlike other bloggers I love it!

Okay, back to today’s topic – Money & Sex. Here are some of the findings and found out when polling 5,877 respondents (5,250 females and 627 males). The survey, conducted by DMS Research, uncovered that small changes such as clipping more coupons are taking precedence over large lifestyle adjustments like driving less or cancelling gym memberships. Across all categories of spending, more women tend to be tightening their belts than men, cutting back on vacation, spending, and dining out.

Here are some of the most interesting highlights – theirs in bold, and my opinions right after (you didn’t think I could just leave them be, did you?):

57% Would Rather Save $50 Week Than have More Sex or Lose Weight.

Wow. I wonder how often these pollsters were getting it to begin with? If you’re already going at it 4 times a week, then yeah I’d be fine with 1 less jump in the bed for $50 each week. But If it meant going from 1-2 times a week to 1 or zero, then I’ma have to pass on that one. Money is great, but the female species is better. You wouldn’t choose millions of dollars over the opposite sex on a deserted island would you?

The losing weight part I’m not as familiar with as I’m pretty damn skinny. I guess it’s another variable that would be interesting to see among the respondents. If most were overweight I bet the answers would be more skewed.

More Women (45%) Feel Better When They’re Cutting Grocery Costs vs. Sticking to an Exercise Regimen (24%).

Huh, that’s pretty neat. Can’t really share anymore than that…been trying to figure out the ladies’ brains for quite some time and still have a ways to go ;)

Coupon Clipping Has Become the #1 Way for Consumers to Save; Survey Finds Almost Three-Quarters (71%) Now Clip Coupons.

Do online coupons fit in here? It’s not really “clipping” per se, but most of the people I know do this over physically scouring the papers for coupons. Both options are awesome in my books, just wondering where that fits in.

Over half (57%) of people would rather save $50 a week than come down a clothing size (31%), have more sex (6%), or gain an hour a day (6%).

Gain an hour a day?!! I’ll pay $50 a week for that ANY TIME. That’s only $7.14 a day! Actually, I’d pay quite a bit more to have that extra hour – esp if you could choose *when* to use it (like during the times you’re most productive, or when you’re trying to wake up, etc) Perhaps this will make for a good “would you rather“, eh?

A majority of men (58%) and women (53%) say that worries about money have not affected their sex lives.

Yes, until they start giving it up to save $50 a week ;) I know technically anything over 50% is a majority, but it still seems pretty 50/50 here. I like the bigger differences from the first few findings.

Four in ten respondents (41%) consider treating themselves to something under $49 to be a splurge.

Interesting. I always thing something that I don’t really need, but that I really WANT, to be a splurge. And usually in the $100+ range and having to do with electronics ;) But $50 is still a pretty big number, so I’ down with that.

Even in a tough economy, just over one-quarter (28%) of respondents won’t give up purchasing quality items and 17% won’t give up buying their favorite beauty product.

Wow, that’s all? This is surprising as 90% of those being polled here are women! 17% seems awfully low for beauty products. $hit, it would probably be the last thing I gave up myself! (due to hairspray & blow dryer only – no makeup or anything, I have a ‘hawk not a dress)

Interesting stuff, no? Mad thanks goes out to Jennifer Zawadzinski for bringing this to my attention, who surely knows what I like to read ;) These are all just polls of course, but thinking about how YOU would answer them might do some good in realizing how you spend your own money. You can read more of the highlights and findings here. Cool, cool stuff.

Wanna read more? Check out Consumerist’s take! They just picked this up (holler).

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