Saving 10% of your money is like "paying an extra bill".

Pay your savings?Yesssir, you got that straight. I can’t remember for the life of me where i stumbled upon this link, but it’s from 2006 and talks about this “extreme saver” who does just that – thinks of saving as just “another bill” to pay. Genius!

While i’ve never really thought of it like that, it’s pretty much what i’ve been doing each check.

I have all these categories to xfer the money to every 2 weeks, and “savings” is one of them! Literally speaking, we put $100 into our House Savings account each month (it used to be $200, but we had to cut back since the Mrs. is now in grad school).

In general, however, i pump in much more than 10% into savings – mainly my 401k. i’m seriously in love w/ those things, just so damn easy to inject money! I throw 19% of my total paycheck in it every 2 weeks – Scary, huh? The amounts used to shock me, but it’s been a good 2 years so i’m thankfully used to it by now. It sucks not having that extra few hundreds each check, but i know it’ll be well worth it down the road!

The point is that it’s all budgeted into “bills” really. The mortgage, the credit card, the utilities, the savings, the 401k, etc.

I really like this “way” of thinking, so it’s totally going into my back pocket for the next time someone asks for advice ;) A nice and simple concept to get your mind right. You gotta like that.

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