Remember the "Dollar a Day" challenge? Well, i’m tweaking it.

Bush DollarThe Dollar a Day challenge was all about dropping a dollar in my cup every work day (i stole the idea from Counting My Pennies), thus easily saving a few hundred each year.

I initially rocked it out, getting up to the early $100’s, but sadly i have tuckerd out…You know that site Well, stamp a big ol’ Pwnd on me cuz I ain’t added a single $1 bill in over 5 months! I blame it all on my memory. It’s a shame too as it was one of my first blog “challenges”. Maybe you all had better luck?

At any rate, rather than give up on it 100%, i figured i’d give it another go – except this time taking a different route. I’m gonna try unloading all my $1 bills from my money clip each Friday, and putting them into a cup @ home.

Tweaking a similar idea from SmartSpending, I’ll add them all up at the end of 6 months and pad my sexy Savings account! A bit of a twist, eh? The amounts would probably be lower than the $1 a day idea, but i’m hoping the “following through” part will take over, thus leaving me with MORE money than planned.

You see, the hard part about the other plan was mainly REMEMBERING to place a dollar each work day in my cup. This new route only requires me to remember something ONCE a week ;) And on a Friday, when i’m nice and relaxed. Plus, i don’t have to worry about breaking a $5’er or $10’er if i don’t have a dollar in my pocket every work day.

If i end the week with zero Washingtons in my pocket w/ this game plan, i simply deposit nothing in my cup. But if i have 8 singletons hanging in there, then i drop all 8. Nice and simple, just how i like it ;)

Will i tucker out like the last challenge? Perhaps, but at least i’m still hangin’ in there.

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