Random ways to make money #18: Take the Dares!

Dares 4 MoneyOh yeah, you can bring in some good money that way :) Plus, it’s free entertainment for all those around you. I should know, we went through a good 5-6 dares this weekend while drinking our way through our St. Patty’s trip down to South Carolina. I must admit, it feels a bit weird being up at 9:30 w/out a drink or dart in my hand right now!

Before I start going through some of our dares though, let me just make two things clear. 1) We’re all pretty freakin’ frugal. So any chance at “winning” just a few bucks gets us excited. And 2) We’ve gotten pretty soft in our old age, so you won’t be reading about any “run around the streets naked screaming ‘Look at me, Look at me’ ” type dares today. Although i can’t promise we never did that 10 years ago ;) But here were a few of the ones thrown out this weekend:

#1) Chew and swallow a crazy hot yellow pepper! $5
This is the dare that started it all, and came from no one other than J himself ;) We had one of our buddies front the money (we’ll call him Mr. Banker) for whomever had the balls to chew it up and savor all its juices w/out throwing up. After a good 30 mins of debating who, and why, someone should take the bait, my boy W. took the challenge and off he went! As you can imagine, the thrill and excitement we all had went well beyond the $5 value W. got in return for his watery eyes and shaking fingers! haha…oh man, seriously it was hilarious. Esp since it went from “oh that’s not bad at all” to “it’s starting to really burn now!” haha….good times, good times.

#2) Eat an entire birthday cake. $100
Now THIS was a dare. The thing was huge! (that’s what she said) Unfortunately no one took this up. Not even the ones fresh out of money from the previous night’s adventures :( oh well, this was probably a good thing.

#3) Suck down a bowl full of ranch dressing. $5
AFTER you’ve eaten a rather large plate of food! The site of it alone sent shivers down our backs, esp. since we had just woken up from a night full of bar hopping. BUT, out of allllllll the people there, guess who took the offer? Mrs. Budgetsaresexy!!!! aww yeahhhh! Unfortunately the excitement (for everyone else) only lasted a few seconds. After pouring half of it into her mouth, she basically gagged and spit it back out. It was an honorable try though! And it didn’t cost us a penny ;)

#4) Eat two sugar packets, including the paper. $5
This was originally 4, but no one would take it up and we were getting pretty bored waiting for our meals to come. For some reason all our dares this weekend circled around food? I guess our brains weren’t working as creatively out at the bars. Which is really a shame as we could have came up with some even better ones i bet! But anyways, Mr. Banker finally accepted a dare himself and popped those bad boys into his mouth. it wasn’t all that entertaining at first since all he was doing was chewing and waiting for them to break down into little swallow-able peices. But when he stood up to swallow the last big chunk of it, BOY did we almost get a show! The little bugger got lodged in his throat and he almost spewed it allllll over the table!!! haha….in fact, had that actually happened 99% of it would have gone on top of my head! so in that regard, i’m glad it just went through to his belly with no future problems ;)

We did have some other good ones out there this weekend, but I guess we were only man enough (or smart enough?) to take on the $5 challenges. Either way, it was an excellent way to earn some quick cash and entertain a group of degenerates. It would have been nice to report a few naked/jail-time stories, but I’m sure you all have enough of them to make up for it ;) Am I right?

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