Polo and Abercrombie & Fitch are heating up my thrift stores!

clothes and catI just paid $3.98 for a pair of Abercrombie & Fitch jeans and a Polo tee shirt!

How insane is that? I’m pretty sure it would have cost a good $70 at least brand new from the store…not that i’d really know though as i a) NEVER buy anything brand new that’s not on sale, and b) have never worn anything Abercrombie before ;) But there was no way i was passing up those bargains last night.

The funniest part was that both of these items were discounted AGAIN at 50% because it was “Family day”! haha…anything with yellow tags got this discount, so while i was perfectly fine paying the $7.96, it was sliced in half. But the odd thing about it was that neither of these items had that yellow tag – they were white.

The only thing i can think of was that the cashier wanted to reward me for my patience since the F-face in front of me couldn’t make up his mind as to what the F he wanted. He was sorting through all sorts of things, then coudn’t decide how to pay, then kept trying to call someone on his cell phone, all the while the line getting longer and longer behind him. I was actually waiting for the idiot to whip out a checkbook so i can blog about it AGAIN, but sadly no luck. haha….i was pretty proud of myself though as i waited for a very patient 11 full minutes ;) The rest of the line slowly dissapated – half stomping out the door, and half trying to find another line.

I also found it wierd that many of the non-brand named items cost much more than the polos, gaps, etc i found. For any of you LUCKY jean lovers, i found a pair of those bad boys for only $4.98!!! WTF? those usually run over $100. I’m not complaining (except that the jeans didn’t fit), I just find it pretty interesting. I’m guessing those who price tag everything are more familiar with your day to day brands.

Either way, I am now the proud owner of 2 practically brand new pairs of clothes, and all for less than a grande iced-double shot latte express 3,000 from Starbucks.

And although i haven’t bought clothes from a thrift store since my vagabond NYC years after college, I think it’s about time i start adding it to my shopping routine. If i’m perfectly happy with their assortment of LPs and books, why not clothes? I’ll let you know if they fall apart when i walk out the door ;)

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