One of the best $300 items we’ve ever bought – a new stove!

Woohoo – we’re modernized! Not only is this one hella sexy stove, but it came with a hardcore discount. (did you ever doubt?)

This is one of those times where i absolutely LOVE home ownership because you can do whatever your heart desires. Can you imagine if we were renting and I asked our landlord to upgrade appliances based on the way they look? shoooooooooot.

The original stove worked fine, and we usually don’t like replacing things that aren’t broken, but it really started to hurt our eyes. I mean, the thing was at least 15 years old! Plus, we figured it can only add value to our place especially if we want to sell it down the road.

Someone once told me to upgrade early on so you can actually enjoy it while living there.

If you make the changes right before you sell, you miss out on all the luxury your hard earned dollars just paid for. Of course, this only works if it’s something you plan on doing for sure, but the root of the theory makes a lotta sense….at least when i wanna make big purchases ;)

Once we determined we wanted a newer stove, we just kept our eyes open for sales and it paid off! We originally hit up Best Buy for a different stove on sale for $399 (instead of the original $550) but as luck would have it, they were all out. We were JUST about to leave, when Mrs. Budgetsaresexy saw a lonely little guy hidden in the corner. The nerve! So as any human with a heart would do, we took a nice hard look at that price tag ($299) and we bought it ;) It was even a better model than the one we were originally looking at. And better yet, we found a small dent on the lower part of the bottom drawer….and we all know what that means – more discount! haha…10% to be exact.

So a $550 stove had turned into a $299 stove, and then again into a $270 stove. Add a little tax to it, and voila! A sexy new stove for around $300 bucks.

The hard part was trying to figure out how to wire it up (it didn’t come w/ the cord or anything), and making sure to switch them out and not scuffing up our hardwood floors. Nothing some manual labor and googling couldn’t fix though ;)

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