Not shopping is HARRRRD.

MAN, this is a lot harder than i originally expected! It’s been easy at work so far, but i realize i am so used to going shopping over the weekends as a form of entertainment :) But hey, one more week into the challenge and i’m still getting A’s. You should be proud of me as all day Saturday, Sunday, and esp. yesterday w/ the holiday, i came super close to just hopping in the car and checking out my fav. stores.

It’s like when you were a teenager and you LOVED going to the mall to meet friends and all. I am still that way today, except that the mall, although v. fun, has been substituted w/ scattered stores across town.

Usually this would include a nice little route covering 3 thrift stores, and 2 discount stores (like TJ Maxx). I never go overboard by any means, but dropping $50-$100 a weekend on stuff (some would call it “junk”) would be no problemo. Not to mention i’d enjoy the 3-4 hours of entertainment value.

It’s that feeling of being out and about I suppose, except I pay for it while shopping. You know what i ended up doing instead this weekend? I took a nice walk around our lake, watched a cple movies from Comcast On Demand, my newest addiction!, worked on this bloggy blog, and then escorted my lovely fiancΓ©e around town to run some errands. Bare in mind, one errand was at DSW and i saw a freakin’ awesome to the max pair of shoes that normally cost $100+, was on sale for $79.99, and THEN on another sale at 40% off! That was a pretty hard one to let go, but i did it. Proud of me?

Here’s to challenges & frugalness!

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