New Year’s Resolutions – Did i actually accomplish something?

J's New Year's ResolutionsFor the first time in 28 years i finally won! I can’t believe it….I’m pretty sure if my mother was reading this she’d say something about pigs flying or hell freezing over, but luckily she doesn’t so i may bask in my glory joke-free ;)

Now, they weren’t the hardest or most fascinating goals in the world, but they were enough to get me believing in them again! My old resolution was to always have better handwriting, but needless to say i failed each and ever year…so this time it feels good!

Plus, it doesn’t hurt when you write a personal finance blog…and you pick personal finance subjects to work on :) So really, i should be thanking YOU, and YOU readers of – you are the light that guides my financial way! haha…. So here they are, cut and pasted from my mid-year update back in May (and not much different too, i might add).

My 2008 New Year’s Resolutions:

1) Start using a budget (a what?). A+
Yup, for the first time in my entire life i created, and stuck to, my budget. And in all honesty it wasn’t as hard as i thought it would be…although i’m guessing that’s becuase I a) kept the same job the entire year for once, and b) now “own” a home and forced to watch myself. A lot has changed since creating it back in Feb though, so I’ll have to post a new one for 2009 here shortly.

2) Learn more about finances; stocks, mutual funds, reits, etc. B
Hum…..well i def. DID learn more about stuff in an “overall” kinda sense, but i didn’t get down and dirrrrrty like i originally wanted to. I pretty much just did enough to get by and be happy with myself in this dept. I think i’ll just leave the hardcore details alone until they actually play a part in my financial game plan.

3) Learn more about web design. A
Yep! Blogging away every day, and being our in-house designer @ work sure helped this one along :) I still think i could have learned more and applied myself, but overall i gave myself an A because i’m a helluva lot further than i was last year.

4) And finally, read more….helps 2 & 3 out, eh? A+
You know what helps this? Ordering 4 magazine subscriptions, and commuting via train for 2 1/2 hours a day ;) That, and having your wife go back to school and start studying all day and all night. Turns out you have a lot more time to yourself! But $hit, it got me to read again didn’t it :)

So, another year gone, and another year wiser….and older :( This is my last year being in my twenties – yikes! I don’t think it’ll feel all that much different though – I pretty much act like a college kid and do as i please anyways ;)

You all make good this year? Even if you LISTED your resolutions somewhere i’ll give you a virtual pat on the back though, that ish is hard! You know i got mad love for ya…

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